Shadow boxing with a washing line (vid)

This is a head movement drill I do pretty much every week, I like to keep the line over my shoulder and us it as the angle to throw my shots down.

To be fair I bet most of you know how to do this already but maybe have not trained it recently so get out under your (or your unsuspecting neighbours) washing line!


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Thanks guys :)

I've received a few requests on how to shadow box so I'll be doing a few more videos on similar training methods, potatoe on a string and all that!

I like you Ninja Lee you have a very good teaching style and an agreeable voice. I would vote you up if I could. You should teach students Phone Post

Nice vid.  Personally I don't have a washing line so I climbed into my dryer.  Banged up my head the first few times but getting the hang of it now.

Nice. Keep doing these videos. Phone Post 3.0

Are you really a ninja descendant of Bruce Lee?

Thanks again Lee.. I dig the videos & VTFU

MuayThaiMania Thanks mate that's a great compliment, I do teach already actually. I've been coaching for about 13 years now with some breaks for travel but it's how I eat and sleep under a roof.

Garv Make sure to go in feet first and to have it set on a short cycle, keep me posted.

sincitydc RickStorm, Thanks guys :) As always please feel free to send

GarlicSauce I'm not at liberty to disclose that kind of information. But I can say the full story includes a time machine and a large aubergine.

*please feel free to send any sort of questions to do with the striking arts and I'll respond as I can and with a video where possible.

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