Shadow MMA

How goes it, guys. There's a team in Alabaster / Calera called Shadow MMA that's been around for about a year now, but none of them are members here on the forums. I've been trainin with them for about 2 months now, and I have to say that this place is solid. I'm not gonna come on here sayin we're the baddest and best thing in Alabama, but i just thought i'd stick some of our info up in case anyone in the Alabaster / Calera / Clanton etc area wants to check us out. Directions are on the site.

And here's a quick video mix of an open house we did this past weekend:

If ya have any questions, leave em and I'll hit ya back probably after the weekend (night shifts, and 12 hour ones at that, so i'll be busy till after Sunday). Take care, guys.

To contact the head trainer, Scott Gassner, you can reach his office at 205.668.9079 .

Peace out,

Robert Patrick

Nice training area.

I have an uncomfortable question, though. Why did you leave Mike high and dry on the first "Birmingham Racetrack" fights? You guys were 1/2 of the whole card before you all backed out. Is there some reason for all that?

I'm not gonna come on here sayin we're the baddest and best thing in Alabama, ...

Everybody knows TEAM ballSAC is the baddest in AL!!!

I have an uncomfortable question,...

that question made me very uncomfortable, and I dont appreciate it

LOL! Are the hairs on your neck rising up, or are you just confused..?

um...i didn't know i was booked. I called Eddie Fielder and told him I'd be interested in it, but then no one ever called me back. I didn't even know the promoters name. If you could hook me up with that info, I'd love to call and apologize because i didn't know until i read your response that i was even booked for it.

And i never heard my coach or any of the other guys bring it up either. I never heard a thing about it again after i called Eddie.

Well, to be honest, Mike is a boxer and that was his first promotion that I know of. He was new to mma and how different it is as regards amateur boxers and mma guys, in terms of setting up fights. Eddie Fielder was not the main contact at that point. I would not be surprised if Eddie never contacted Mike about your questions/concerns. Eddie has, apparently, been actively working to "position" himself in several ways...

ah. Yeah, i've been seein his name pop up more and more, but haven't thought anything negative of it. But yeah, as far as i know, none of us ever heard anything back from anyone. What is Mike's last name. I'll talk to my coach tomorrow or Monday and ask him about it so we can call and get all that straightened out.

Then turn the volume down when you watch the video :-D . In all seriousness, i have no idea what the heck emo even is. I work, train, and hang out with my girl and my dog and my buddies. I guess i'm behind on the times.

do you guys train sunday,? location and time please, I will be there!

Sundays are our day off. Sorry, dude. But if you ever get a night off, it'd be cool for ya to stop in. I know you train with the Spartans during the week, but if you ever just wanna come and check us out, here's our schedule:


8-9 pm: Jiu-Jitsu

9-10 pm: Hands


8-9 pm: Jiu-Jitsu

9-10 pm: MMA


6-7 pm: Kids & Cardio Kickboxing

7-9 pm: Beginners


8-9 pm: Hands

9-10 pm: Jiu-Jitsu


6-7 pm: Beginner Jiu-Jitsu

7-8 pm: Beginner Hands


9-10 am: Kids & Cardio Kickboxing

10 am-12 pm: Beginner MMA

*Saturday training times may be adjusted according to other scheduled events

For more, check out Our About Page .

Aight, i'm out for the weekend. If y'all have any questions, drop em and I'll hit em when i get back.

Robert Patrick

Big Worm is great at throwing mud; he is HORRIBLE about calling a brother back...

I gave up calling bigworm directly years ago. I just call his woman. It gets me in touch with him much faster.

Well, that's a really nice looking gym if nothing else. Is it exclusively yours or are you renting/sharing it from someone else?

Good luck to you guys. I wouldn't mind stopping by either, but like most of the rest of the guys on here, it's a bit of a drive from Birmingham for me so it's probably a no go during the week. Maybe on the weekend sometime.

K, so i'll spare a few this mornin before i go to bed.

Yeah, we have a nice gym. We'd been training in an older warehouse (still had all the mats, but it wasn't heated or air conditioned or anything) and we just moved into this new building about a month ago. We lease it, and some nights a youth wrestling team trains there before we get there.

Since we've moved in, though, we've made one of the rooms a weight room, and we're hopin to start weight classes in our schedule soon.

And it'd be cool if come of you guys could come on down. It is good for me cuz i live 10 minutes away (i'm in montevallo) and we don't wanna steal anyone or try to be dirty like that. But if anyone knows guys who live on the southside of the Ham and want some great trainin, come evaluate us and then by all means, send em our way.

The more the merrier!

I was in the Marine Corps with a Scott Gassner. Haven't seen him in a long time. Do you know if your trainer is a Marine ?

That's the man. And when he comes to trainin with his marine cap on, it means hell for the rest of us. What's your name, i'll throw it out to him tonight.

But yeah...that's him.

I am looking forward to having Mike Bradford and Aaron Wilcox compete in Dothan and have gotten some great feedback on your team.

2473 Highway 31 / Calera, AL 35040

This Link will take you to a page on our site that has directions on it on the right hand side. It has a Calera address, but it is really on the Alabaster side of the line between it and Calera.

From the North: Take I-65 South to the Alabaster exit (The one with the colonial polenade, wal-mart, etc.). Turn left onto Highway 31. The road will change to a 2-lane road (one northbound, one southbound.) You will see Southeastern Pond Management on your left. Our Gym is located behind it. If you see the Calera City Limit Sign, you have just barely gone too far.

Bull and Aaron will do their best to put on a good show. They are great guys to work and train with. I won't be able to make the trip to Dothan (work sux), but they are working hard to get ready for your Show, man.