Shadowboxing - How important is it?

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It is very important for everything. You can use it to warm up, build stamina, improve footwork, practice particular punches and combinations, etc.

It's also great for accidently punching a chair while dipping low to practice right hooks to the body, splitting your knuckle open and exposing the bone. Like I did yesterday.

^ lol or the mirror like I've done a few times! Shadow helps everything it is fundamental to boxing Phone Post

Shadow boxing can be a great learning tool if people actually critically evaluate their technique and attempt to correct their respective flaws through the process of so doing. However, I would question the profound learning benefit derived from shadowboxing in the manner that most people do of simply thowing punches in the air in a non-mentally engaged in manner. It is funny how conditioned the reflexive exercise of shadow boxing becomes after a while though, even as an old ass man of nearly half the age of Martin Burke, I still have to willfully suppress the inate urge to shadowbox every time that I stand in front of a mirror. Phone Post

^^^ don't suppress it. Just remove any nearby chairs.

It helps people in the office understand I am a 'badass' when I do it in the coffee breakout area

^^^^ lol Phone Post

Proper preparation prevents poor performance

My first week of a new job i ended up having to sit around all day waiting for a delivery, so to relieve the boredom i took to shadow boxing against some scaffolding nearby (very light/minimal contact). I got spotted, and as a result picked up the nickname "kung fu" for the next 2 years.

^^^ you once said here "Hitting untrained guys is like hitting little kids", but you never told me which is more fun?


My knuckle is pretty much healed now. I should be back to punching furniture again soon.

Might not be a bad idea.

It's only the 2nd time I have accidently contacted on something. That's actually not bad considering I have spent at least 20 years shadow-boxing, trying to convince myself I am Alexis Arguello.

It actually got pretty badly infected, then healed over with the infection trapped below. Because it was to the bone, the infection made my entire hand swell up. It's gone now though.

My instructor told me you should shadowbox for at least an hour a day. I definetely think it will only help your game. Always shadowbox with offense and defense in mind and imagine an opponent.

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It allows one to commit the technique to muscle memory

Just that it might help others, thought I would throw in a continuation of my knuckle saga.

Basically, the knuckle/hand got pretty badly infected right as the wound was closing, and it healed over with the infection below. The hand was very swollen and I was about to go to the doctor when it suddenly subsided and everything seemed normal.

In the weeks since then, I started to get strange aches and pains throughout my body (can anyone NOT tell where this one is heading?), with really odd things like two of my toes becoming extremely tender and swollen without any trauma to them. I also started to get some whiteheads on one of my fingers.

Fast forward to about 1 week ago and I couldn't sleep one night due to this unholy fucking pain in the area above the joint of my big toe on my right foot. The next day, no swelling or anything. Again, it was odd as I hadnt injured/over-used it. The pain continued and I couldn't sleep the next night and I wanted to cut my fucking foot off it hurt so bad. The next morning, the foot started to swell like fuck. Called a doctor out and looked at it and immediately told me I shouldn't have left it so long, which worried me as I really didn't leave it any amount of time. I explained to him about the hand infection and he thinks I had/have mild septicemia from it and I got 2 week course of antibiotics.

Martin had PMed me to tell me to be careful of a deep infection, and I was. But the fucking speed that thing took over my foot was frightening. I think if I had left it another day or two, I could have been in serious trouble.

I am not a crybaby about ailments etc but, for the love of God, be careful with deep-tissue infections, even when they appear to have gone. It took over 2 days before the antibiotics started to affect it and even now it is still not going without a fight.   

Very important, crucial even, do it hard and lock your arms out. You have have to practice to miss. If you land half your punches you are doing good,so you must be able to throw hard shots and miss and be able to get your hand back fast and stay on balance.

2-6 rounds everytime I train stand-up. Phone Post