love it, hate it, marry it?

this is the only tabletop RPG I've ever played.

some things were ridiculous, like trying to shoot from a moving vehicle at point blank range with a shotty.

I loved the setting. I played a troll street samurai. I bashed people good.

I was really pissed off when they turned the recent videogame into a deathmatch-only FPS. Terrible, terrible decision. Why not turn Pong into an RPG while you're at it?

it was cool as shit but decking was horrible

Troll wolf shaman

I love the universe. They need to make a good comp game based in it.

combat system was terrible..

The game was shaky but worth playing for sure.

It's hard not to like the setting...setting was great and would give most geeks a hard-on in concept at least.

That 1st module that takes place in the stuffer shack is hilarious with a good group of people.

when we played we had a house rule no PC deckers  it just took to long  all decking had to be done through contacts or for hire npc's

one of my favorite characters

i played a troll named Kr8r (that's actually how he spelled it)  not to be cool or elite that's howhe thought it was spelled.  he was a former middle linebacker (i actually put alot of skills into athletics, with sepcialties into football  and spefically tackling)  that came into play alot!! 

i'd play shadowrun right now if someone showed up at my house with the rule books adn wanted to play!!!  was my favorite genre   

We played that game all through high school. Borrowed a bunch of stuff from Matt Wagner's MAGE series to flesh out the magic stuff. We had a PC ghost like Sean, impervious to physical harm but paper thin against magic... stuff like that.

I honestly can't remember how we handled decking. I know we gutted the combat system.

my favorite memory was our team hitting a dragon in the heart with a LAW on our first mission series and only seriously wounding him. Dem bitches are tough.