Shah Franco Seminar Update

I would like to thank everyone who attended the two day seminar this weekend.

Saturday was host to the biggest seminar we've ever had in Edmonton.

Even with the late start... due to weather. The seminar was a hit.

Prof. Shah ran us through a warm up that was fun and challenging mentally. I can't wait to use it with my kids classes.

Richard, Franco, Justin, and Antonio did a grewat job with their circut seminars... a lot of great variety.

We look forward to having seminars on a regular basis and giving everyone a great opportunity to train with Top Canadian BJJer's.

Thank you very much for those that toughed out the bad weather and thank you for supporting the sport.

Mike Yackulic

I would like to thank Mr.Yackulic for a great weekend.
I really enjoyed teaching and getting to know you
guys. I hope to be invited back soon. Keep up the good
work and I hope I helped you guys bring your Jiu-jitsu
to the next level.

Thanks also to Santo for his hard work as well as his
lovely lady for the feast she made us.

Take Care.

Feel free to email me at

To Professor Shah, Loaf, Lixo, Monkey, Pato...Jason, and of course, MIKE YACKULIK, for bringing them out ..and for being a great teacher!

This past weekend was a weekend I've been looking forward to VERY MUCH since becoming a part of the Behring Team.  It was a much-anticipated seminar and meeting of- 5 men who I've heard nothing but GREAT THINGS about.

Saturday was awesome.  I had a great time learning from all of you (Regardless of the numerous bruises all over my body.  OH, and lack of.....AIR...I experienced ;).  Never more have I felt that you really need to always push yourself to the limit.  I learned a lot from all of you and I look forward to seeing and learning EVEN MORE in the future...






Glad it was a success!


Can't wait to have you guys out again.

I'm coming next to meet Diane. ;)

wish i was there....

Are you annoucing the belt & stripe promotions?????

rigpig in the bush