Shah's crew to GAMMA

hey everyone Aaron here

anyone that is going to montreal for the gamma tournament this weekend can you let me know what hotel you are staying in and if i can grab a room with anyone

-directions to Champs in Downtown Montreal for UFC
-web site for the tournament

Aaron Dale
psalm 27 v 1-5

Is Charlie Scott Meuser still training with you guys?

Aaron you got mail
Im sure that you, Honato, and Shawn can split a room with whomever else show up (Adam, Ron, Jessy, Marco etc ..)

Charlie Scott Meuser
Who??? i dont know him

Pinky please stay in Toronto. I've had my quotas of bad jokes this week already! :)

If you do come don't forget to give me a call...

Charlie Scott Meuser is the first guy I ever fought in a grappling competition.(The one at GAMMA,last September) I was leading 10-0 when I armbarred him. He told me he was from Shah Franco's...I guess he just stopped after the tourney.

and the point of the story IS???

From what i can remeber Monkey, Bill and Aaron were the only 3 people that went to the GAMMA event in Sept.

Ive never heard of Charlie Scott Meuser or anyone like that at Shahs that does BJJ.

I just wanted to see if he was still around.

Probably that he haven't came for long enough to be remembered.

more likely he's from another club or the name is wrong

that was a pointless story.


i got ur e-mail

ill be at shahs tonight so we cna discuss things more
also apparently the UFC is showing at Champs so we can figure something about that out

All the best to the Shah Franco crew this weekend.


Good luck buys I know you'll do us proud. Sorry I won't be there, much to finish at the club.