shameful Senaturds.

captain clown McAlfredsson got what was coming to him, shame he had to be bailed out by his teammate from receiving a long over due beatdown at the hands of Darcy Tucker. Not many better out there than Tucker.

it's still good to go out massacring the senators. that's what i call a high note.

lol@Tucker using a gloved hand to try and pound a Swede, and failing miserably.

lol. a swede needed a canadian named redden to protect him, because the swede was too much of a turtle.

spanky, ottawa started stronger, but who finished stronger? 5-1 and the game was total domination. and the game before, the leafs outplayed the senaturds.

You're arguing with the wrong guy, i greatly dislike both teams. If only there was a way for both teams to lose a game ;P

You must be feeling pretty good there Canuck knowing that you get off easy not having to play the Leafs, but dont worry because the rest of the league feels the same way, so you are not alone.

Funny how punk bitch Mcfagresson was all tough going after Stajan, but then once Tucker puts him in his place he shows his spineless true colours. Not even the stanley cup would be worth the shame of having that puke wear the C of any team. Must suck being in a situation that even if you win, you still lose just by having him as your captain.

how was that a game that mattered to Ottawa? they took a night off...punching people with the gloves on is pathetic

I'm just happy as an Ottawa lad living in Vancouver that I don't have to listen to idiotic Van fans about how Vancouver stands a chance this year...

Punching someone with their glove on is no where near as pathetic as blatantly cross checking someone from behind. McFagresson has a lot worse coming to him than simply taking a few punches from a guy with his gloves on, and the Turds would have wanted nothing more than to beat the Leafs....

A win from the Turds would have made it official that the Leafs would have missed the playoffs. A Leaf win left them hope to still make it.

The Leafs are the Turds beiggest rival, and there is nothing more they would have liked than to have been the team to put the final nail in the coffin, and they tried with everything they had. They came out and played like it was game 7 of the cup and their life depended on it, and they got smashed by the blue and white machine, because thats what happens when the Turds play in games of significance, they choke. Nothing has changed with this Senaturd team, it would be very surprising to see them make it passed the first round.

LOL @ Tucker putting anyone in their place....he was a fucking disgrace against the Sabers.

Flopping all over the ice like that, he's a fucking loser...and I use to like him...