Shammy what were u thinking?

wow dude pay attention !the left jab was there for your guy yet you kept screemin a guy whos only chance to lose was to get within punchin range of his opponant you picked the wrong strategy.LEFT JAB DUDE ......what were you watchin the ring girls??He coudnt miss with the left jab .Tait was supposed to stay outside of his opponants reach and punching power and as his opponant ran out of gas pick him apart with the left hand which he could land at will.Taits only problem was he followed your instructions.

I don't think Mr. Shamrock posts here, dude.

I disagree completely. Tate had a reach advantage and landed a few sharp left jabs but he left himself open to counters. he could've been KO'd. In fact, he was knocked down once in the second round. Dude, Tate's striking was much, much worse than his opponent's. The smarter (and safer) move was to clinch, take him down, and submit him (which he almost did a few times).

Right on bro. It is just what i thought. I respect your opinion. I actually like Shammy.I just didnt like his strategy for the fight.

lol @ the experts here dissing ken....He was eating him up with knees, and how did josh score his best point. Yes at boxing range......

tait won. judges were wrong.

shammy and thinking dont belong in the same sentence

I'd like to see Tait post about what he might do differently, given the chance.

I'm not so sure standing in front of Josh would have served him well. If he traded that jab for a few hooks from Josh, I suspect he would come out on the short end. I think Tait fought a pretty good fight, still wish for a third round. The fans would have won as well!