Shamrock and Severn

I know it's been brought up before, but i was just thinking about the disparate paths their careers have gone since they were equal in stardom in 1996. 8 years later, Ken can still negotiate for a six figure deal, while Dan will pretty much fight anywhere anytime. Who made the better choice? Some say Severn because he's helping out alot of smaller shows, but he's also diminishing his legacy, since many new fans only get to see the older, slower, more clumsy version of the Beast.

And is he doing it to help the shows, or is the guy just strapped for cash? I have to give props to Ken, the guy isn't a top fighter anymore, yet can still draw as much, if not more, than any top guy out there. Ken's marketing savvy should be an example for top fighters of today who still want to be making shit loads of cash when they're fighting at 40.

persona, as well as one is a former competitve amatuer wrestler the other is a former pro-wrestler. i know, they both have done amatuer and pro, but dans background and the bulk of his work is amatuer competition. kens background is pro-wrestling, or was at the beginning. now, which background is going to give you a better head for marketing yourself and shape your carreer?

"ken still baffles me,hes never won a big one,yet hes huge "

Tito never won a big one either. And to a certain extent Horn never won a big fight. Some of the biggest names in sports are like that. Lennox Lewis (who I despise) never beat anyone worth beating except Holyfield, by a narrow decision, for instance

given dans background as a very busy amatuer wrestler, it only makes sense that he would go about nhb with the same zeal. he was solid as an amatuer and is a solid pro fighter. nothing wrong with what he is doing, i hope he fights as long as he wants. i think it has worked out for both ken and dan just fine. i am sure dan would like to make more money in a bigger show, but maybe he will get another chance if he puts a string of wins together and beats some name fighters.


I'm sure Dan has made more in the smaller shows than ken has in the bigger ones.Dan has fought in every event known to man from UFC and Pride to Shooto to Rings to WEF,Extreme Challenge,Iowa Challenge,Danger Zone,IFC,VFC etc.....

They both are doing what they've set out to do.

Severn competes regularly as he likes, and Shamrock does occasional huge fights.

Unfortunatelly it seems that Shamrock pro Wrestling attitude is valued more hten Servern's preffesionalism.

"as well as one is a former competitve amatuer wrestler the other is a former pro-wrestler"

Ken actually went further as an ama than Dan, if I'm not mistaken.

"Ken actually went further as an ama than Dan, if I'm not mistaken. "


You are mistaken

Between them they have delivered some of the most lame absolutely stupid fights of all time.