shamrock bandwagon

always been on it and always will be.
I will be cheering my ass off as Ken is defeating Tito in battle.

TTT for the World's Most Dangerous Man.

lol the Shamrock Bandwagon has Square wheels, its not going anywhere.

just note, after Ken whoops up on Tito, when you come to get on the wagon you will be booted off.

returns to middle of field to wait for July 8.

I wonder how many of you fags can fit in that yellow Camaro.

lol at the crisp three dollar bill calling someone a fag.

TTT for Tito!

team punishment

TTT for mr Ortiz

Been a fan since 94.

Love these threads! Less than 10% chance Shammy wins, but I'd like to see it!

can't see any possible way tito can win.

shamrock by brawling which will set up a beautiful textbook heelhook.

I've been on the Ken Shamrock bandwagon since his Pancrase days and I certainly wont be jumping off now :)

Shamrock will prevail.

Believe that!

Wouldnt it be funny if Shammy did pull off that heelhook and broke Titos leg? Fat chance.

Im a fan of both Shamrock + Tito. Old and newish???

why the hate?