Shamrock/Baroni OFF?! Blame UFC?!

“The Frank Shamrock VS Phil Baroni Strikeforce card has suffered a major setback with Baroni now scrambling to pass his medical requirements. Baroni had in fact previously passed all his medicals but is now having his MRI results re-evaluated after it had come to the attention of the CSAC that there was a previous problem with an old MRI report from Las Vegas, dating back when he fought Pete Sell.

Our inside sources have confirmed that it was representatives from the UFC that faxed over Baroni’s MRI to Armando Garcia of the CSAC, thus prompting this latest issue. Baroni has been cleared to fight in Las Vegas, Nevada since the Pete Sell fight, with his latest appearance in the state occuring in Pride on October, 21st 2006. It is unclear why California would now bar him. We will keep our readers up to date with whether or not Phil is able to clear his latest hurdles, or if a replacement will be necessary.”

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yeah i call bullshit on that one...

Doesn't make sense as we know Blaf is on Baroni's side...

"Pavia, who also represents Baroni, said results should be known sometime Wednesday morning and that he believed his client would be cleared to fight."

If anyone sent it it was Frank Shamrock.

How happy will I be when Baroni wins and is headed back home to the UFC.

Blaf could care less if NYBA fights or not, still seems odd, but the UFC has tried strongarming before,
I still don't think much of A. Garcia's rulings in the past, hopefully it doesn't come out that he is on the take.

Is he old friends with Lorenzo Fertitta, from Fertitta's time on the NSAC?

This fight is a GO! 


The medical testing results should be fine, especially if he has been tested recently.

And, I highly doubt Dana White was combing through the old medical files in the basement of the UFC HQ.

Rather, it was some over-zealous dickwad who has absorbed the ZuffaLLC corporate-culture of scortched-Earth business dealings.

"Our inside sources have confirmed that it was representatives from the UFC that faxed over Baroni?s MRI to Armando Garcia of the CSAC, thus prompting this latest issue."

I'm not sure I'd do that myself, but I am impressed with such a sinister means of doing business.

Really, that's fucking gangsta.

Steven Balmer is to Microsoft what Dana White is to the UFC.


"Dana said in a recent interview that the title shot and double money was not true. He could care less about NYBA"

Didn't hear that... Thanks Donkey.

Sherdog's Savage Dog Show just announced that Baroni and Ninja Hua are cleared to fight!

that's good to hear!

Per Sherdog:

"A report surfaced Tuesday on that Baroni's participation was in jeopardy after the UFC faxed an MRI from 2004 to the California State Athletic Commission. However, CSAC Executive Officer called the report erroneous, saying the faxed MRI came from Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker."

Wrong! Blame Scott Coker.

I bet the UFC got Krazy Horse arrested, stopped Ninja from passing his medicals, told California that Gabe was crazy, shot steroids in Morton and Royce, gave Hong Man Choi acromegaly and told the 40k people who got free tickets to K1 not to go.

Why would Scott Coker have Baroni's MRI from 2004? 2007 or 2006 maybe, but 2004?