Shamrock Baroni Title Fight ??

Sorry if this has been discussed but is the Shamrock Baroni fight for a tiltle and if so what weight?

Because ninja is gonna fight for the 185 belt but phil keeps talking about his championship bout and and i saw Frank And Phil pose with a belt at the pressconfrence



Ninja/Villasenor is for the EliteXC middleweight Title. Shamrock/Baroni is for the Strikeforce middleweight title.

I didnt realize Baroni and Shamrock fight was for the title. Just thought it was a nice headliner.

Why isn't Baroni fighting Renzo for the title?

Frank Shamrock lost to Renzo in the last fight. Wasn't that a title fight at 185?

I is confused!

Ah Capisce

forgot about the partnership

Thx TtoMyJ14

"Why isn't Baroni fighting Renzo for the title? "

i think Renzo still has that bad "cough"

anyone think shamrock/baroni is gonna make it past the first round?