Shamrock gay submission wrestling.

Is anyone else upset about this?

I think it's Pancrase but it's labeled "Submission Wrestling G106 Gay Interest". This makes MMA look really bad.


"Ken wears his hair in a ponytail that is very sexy"

That sentence should never of being written.... by anyone. Ever.

bah. who cares?


I'm purchasing for the weggies

It's not Pancrase.

It looks like a compilation tape of matches from the pro wrestling/shootfighting organization Fujiwara-Gumi or whatever it was called. There might be some matches from the UWF, also (The one with the Thai, which is probably Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs Yoji Anjoh). If it is Changpuek vs Anjoh, that would probably be the only real fight on the tape.

lol, the "beefy American with hairy chest and moustache" is Bart Vale.

I don't know who the guy is that's described as wearing "very skimpy pair of briefs that is continually riding up exposing his cheeks".....But the guy's opponent is Minoru Suzuki.

You can see Masakatsu Funaki in one of the pictures as well.