Shamrock/Hendo training vid

I guess that the rumor that Frank was training with Team Quest is true:

Some great training videos on this site:

Shamrock training with Hendo, Sok, and Vinicous Magalhaes.

Baroni and Forrest training.

A bunch of Bas/Kimbo clips too


Training with Team Quest is a smart move for Shamrock.

Looks like he has a bad knee :(

cool video. hendo was playing with him. were they listening to Slick Rick?


What do you guys now think would happen if Hendo seriously rolled with Frank?

Frank reminds me a bit of Royce. Awesome back in the day, but seems like many people have passed him by.

Frankie loves to work from bad positions. He'll have Lindland, Hendo, and other great fighters getting him in bad positions, and then when fight time comes, he'll be turning mounts into kneebars.

Watch his fights. He escaped mount against Enson Inoue in ways I still don't see from anyone else. Tito actually left mount to get in Frank's guard. he;s not an orthodox fighter, he likes bad positions mostly because he is more prepared to escape them than his opponent is to exploit them.

It's not the most uncommon thing in the world...look at Loiseau. He's better at defend back mount than he is from full guard.

If I were to dedicat emy life to the guard I wouldn't ever break the top 1000000 of guard players in the world. If I dedicated my life to defending the back mount I would probably cause trouble for a lot of good fighters.


Hendo is just scary now...

I don't think that Frank would have much of a chance against him on the ground.

i know it was years ago but Frank did submit Henderson in like 45 seconds in Contenders

Cool vids.

Frank heelhooked a wrestler. Dan Henderson is far from a wrestler now. He's a monster.

Hendersons a better grappler these days but Frank is good at protecting himself on the bottom by holding on and has awsome timing and explosion on his bridges to escape. Frankds probably more skilled at subs too, but thats my guess, didn't look like they were trying to get too competitive.

did any of ya see the videos on there. I don't know if frank is trollin us or he's just getting owned pretty bad

i saw the frank/hendo vid but none of the others work? anyone know why?


Yay! Frank subbed Dan when Dan barely knew subs.

Frank's skills havent improved much in the past 5+ years, this is widely known assumption among fighters.

Its obvious from the short footage that Dan was going much lighter than Frank was, and still making him look pretty bad...but then again, Frank just likes to get in "bad positions"

Damn Frank, 1999 called.... IT wants it's guard back lol