Shamrock/Kimbo Fight Cancelled?

This is from Fightlinker, so I am not sure if it is true or not.

 Must be a kkm trap

I won't be overly surprised but I hope this isn't true.

 Im not bitin la la la its CBS ya know

There is no mention of Ken "trippin' balls", so I don't know what to believe.

OriginalTUFer - Isn't Fightlinker the troll of websites?

No, they are legit.

Is Kimbo vs Ken cancelled?

October 4, 2008 – 5:36 pm by fightlinker

Consider this an unsubstantiated rumor but our boots on the ground at the EliteXC show say the Kimbo / Shamrock fight is off because Ken Shamrock is injured. This is coming from security staff working the event ... as we hear more to verify or deny we'll pass it along.

PS: No, we're not joking around or pranking you.

 Injured since the weigh in ???? Or does he have Kimbitis ?

He pulled a 'Terry Kerr'

Hope it's true.

Arlovski/Fat Guy or Shields/Daley is 10x better main event.

Did Ken slip on a pipe warming up?

That ruined the last main event that I was looking forward to about as much as this one!

IF this is true...

...AA for the main event!!!

 I have 2 people there from my site and I just left a voice mail for them to ask around the press area. If it's a real rumor they'll know pretty quick.  Sound like BS tho.

 ttt for CZ and his peeps.

Update from Fightlinker:

UPDATE: More sources have come out and confirmed that the fight is off. At this point it looks like no Kimbo vs Ken tonight.

OriginalTUFer - Isn't Fightlinker the troll of websites?

They were the ones who posted the story on Luke Cummo being suspended for excessive caffeine use due to Coffee enema so I'd say they troll a bit.

As an MMA journalist, I wouldn't trust a report from a security guard.

I was hoping to see Ken win this one...

 lol @ "security staff" and "more sources"

I am not sure if the other sources Fightlinker are referring to are other MMA sites, but I can't find anything.

 security staff knows all.