Shamrock returning to WWE???

Got this from update everyone on the Ken Shamrock / WWE situation, sources within the WWE have confirmed to that Shamrock would return to the WWE to take on Kurt Angle although there is no set timeline on when this would happen as of this report. As previously reported, the match would be touted as a battle of leglock experts. The one thing that might keep this from coming to fruition is the fact that Shamrock is weighing a few different offers, however the fact that the bout would most likely happen at Wrestlemania XX is a big selling point.UFC president Dana White also announced that Ken Shamrock would be participating in the UFC in June, possibly against 'Tank' Abbott.Is there any truth to this? It was first reported on Fightsport, so I'm very hesitant to believe it.

I think Ken and Tank battle for real at WrestleMania!!

Even if this was true,I doubt HGH would try to make Shamrock look bad,especially since he admitted that he wouldn't never want to be on his bad side.

When did he do that?

That same report has been popping up ever since Ken left the WWE.


Ken wins more in Pro wrestling ;) then in MMA. I say go back to the fed.

Ken says WWE is 10 times harder on the body then MMA. Go figure..