shamrock vs le = biggest gate eva?

i think thats what strikeforce wants.

in san jose where they both are huge.

if cung can promote (talk), it might be so!

i can go with that.

They are friends and they train together, I don't see it happening in a hurry.

if frank can get by renzo, and can't get ken in a match?

it will happen by the end of the year!

Shamrock would never stand there and let Le connect like Frykland did...

I don't think they have trained together in awhile and they have both already stated in interviews that they are interested in fighting each other.


the biggest gate was frank-cesar gracie so?

in san jose frank vs cung le who are 2 locals???

will be the biggest gate eva!

(k-1 is a lie)


biggest gate for strikeforce event....

"how is this the biggest gate title, Two guys who are not top 10 in the mw division unless they fight the best (hendo, filho, Franklin, Silva, Marquart, Kang) and then meet it doesnt mean shit "

Strikeforce title?

They were talking about the possibility of

Shamrock x Shamrock. Frank said he would fight Ken.

Shamrock vs Shamrock would be interesting. But Cung Le vs Shamrock feels like it would be a helluva matchup, we must have that one soon.

"They were talking about the possibility of

Shamrock x Shamrock. Frank said he would fight Ken."

Really? Everything I ever read said they would never fight each other. Also, if they could, would be surprised it doesn't hapen in the IFL.

Frank vs Cung would be great..

big money, a fight Frank should easily win and that Cung could afford to lose without losing much luster...

Funny. I remeber after ken fought Fujita he was interviewed in an old Full Contact Fighter issue. They brought up the Frank/ Ken beef and ken challenged Frank right then and there saying he would LOVE to fight him.

The usually cocky Frank's only response on his website was that he loved his brother very

Now that Ken is old and battered and ALOT weaker Frank wants to jump all over him.


"it will happen by the end of the year!"

Which year though? I'm thinking 2009.

when is this goin down?

March 29th @ the San Jose Arena... Im going to be throwing the official afterparty with all the fighters, Ill have details for it soon!  MT

Maybe. Doesn't Shamrock, Gracie still hold the attendance record?