Shamrock Vs. Sakuraba.............

Is there any confirmation that this fight will happen in PRIDE's Las Vegas show in September? In my opinion Shamrock will win.

I hope Frank vs. Sak happens, but I'd rather see Rickson vs. Sak. JMHO.

I just think it would be a great retirement fight for Rickson. BUT, I still don't think a win against Sak would satisfy a lot of his critics.

Shamrock VS Sak is alot more realistic. Rickson is done
guys. C'mon know.

Shamrock VS Sak is awesome!

Rickson had his chance at Sak a few years ago, when Sak destroyed his family! now it dosent matter 1/2 as much.

Rumor was that Rickson announced at one of the recent K1 events that he was going to have his retirement fight sometime this year. When other rumors start a about him fighting, I think they are started primarily by fans who just really want to see him fight. This time, because it came from him, I would tend to believe it. No opponent was announced, but it would be cool if it was Sak.

Even though Sak has lost a lot of his lustre, he's still one of the top MMA fighters in the game at 185 lbs. If Rickson could sub him it would silence a lot of the critics, not to mention it would be a nice retirement fight.


sak by submission.

like to see it

Not really interested in seeing Sak fight anymore....

Rickson vs. Frank...that would rock!!

But alas.....

sak is very exciting to watch as long as he stays within his own weightclass!!!

Well I`ll confirm it won`t happen. Not till I see Frank in the ring and not just talking shit about fighting like he has been doing lately.

I would have loved to have seen him vs. Ricardo Almeida