Shane Burgos vs. Charles Rosa

Up next... I got Burgos 

took rosa, his striking is uggggly

Rosa 1-0. Superior workrate

Rosa looks good. Burgos has a great chin. 

don't know either guy and not watching but I'd pick the guy with no tats any day

2-0 rosa imo

Burgos has too much confidence in his chin. He is letting Rosa get off, but he isn't landing as much. He is going to lose this fight if he doesn't knock Rosa out. 


Burgos is nuts! Love him. So glad to watch this. He is golden.

Interesting fight so far. I like that Rosa is using the karate style and everything. Like a couple guys said though, it's ugly but he may be winning on workrate.

I don't think Shane realizes how much that body punch in r2 hurt Rosa. Rosa's body locked up when that scored.

Really interesting fight. Burgos seems super confident in his power, but Rosa doing a great job staying busy. Moving and coming from a ton of different angles.

Great fight!

Boom! Great finish. Rosa was tiring - surely that contributed to the KO.

Guess that's why Burgos is so confident in his power

rosa fucked up, he kept getting wild with a far superior striker and paid for it... in turn screwing me lol

Damn I think that's the second time Rosa has been ko'd like that. I was pulling for him to win. Sucks

Kind of a questionable finish. I think Rosa was kind of out on his feet, but still felt a bit premature for some reason. 


What do you guys think? 

Bullshit stoppage. Just bleed. 

I didn't agree with that stoppage. I had rosa winning.