Shane Carwin UFC Sponsorships Available

I am trying to find sponsorships for Chane Carwin on May 24th against Christian Wellisch at MGM.

-The Back of the shirt is wide open for ANY sponsors, and the front is open to any non-clothing sponsors.
-The Shorts are open to anyone that does not make shorts.
-The Shirt and shorts he will be wearing are GRUDGE FIGHT WEAR

Please email me at with any questions. Thanks.


ttt for future title contender Shane Carwin


I have had a few emails, and now the hat is taken, and one leg of the shorts front and back. Thanks for the help!

People are going to wish they had jumped all over this.

TTT for Big Shane! Do we know yet if his fight is scheduled for telecast?

 Shane is definitely a beast! The UFC may not have his fight on the televised portion, but they will soon!

It is not looking like it will be televised. Shane is a loyal guy, and the people willing to support him now will get priority when he is at the top!

Yes I know Shane very well.

He is a beast!!

il be contacting you soon

Cool man, I will watch for it!!



The sponsorship requests are due in 2 weeks, so anyone interested let me know asap!!!

From what I've seen, this guy is a scary dude and may very well be the future of the HWT devision.


 Good luck Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he may well be the future of the heavy weight div. word on the street is that this is the real reason fedor won't sign-MM