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This week on Between the Ropes, Fritz, Dickerman, and Vito DeNucci were joined by the former ECW champion and current TNA Wrestling announcer, ’The Franchise’ Shane Douglas to talk about his wrestling career, the Final Resolution pay per view on January 16th, and ‘The Rise and Fall of ECW’ DVD.

The interview began with talk about Shane’s role as an announcer. He says that he misses being in the ring after doing it for 23 years. However, he does not want to stay too long in the ring because he has been critical of others who stay too long. Shane thinks that he can still do it in the ring, but he can help everyone if he is in the back. If he is in the ring, he can only help one person. He would rather help the entire crew with his agent work. Shane talks about Michael Shane, A.J. Styles, and the others who have the ability to be the stars in the company. He also talks about Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Shane was asked about the respect that he has and how he will talk to people and want to be around him. Shane says that he enjoys sharing things with others because after 23 years in the business know things. Shane talks about how amazing the moves in the ring are, but some lack the ability to tell a story in the ring. Shane says that his generation knows how to tell a story. Shane talks about his work with Michael Shane, and mentions that Michael does not play lip service to what Shane says. Michael would call Shane a few times during the week to discuss things, and then he would use those things in the ring. Shane says that there are some people who will not listen to others, but they are the people who do not last long in the business. Shane talks about how he learned a lot from Ricky Steamboat, and he feels that he has an obligation to teach people the same way that he was taught. Shane mentions that he listened to the veterans when he was starting off in the business. Shane talks about Terry Taylor, Scott D’Amore, and Jerry Lynn.

Shane was asked about people who stand out in TNA, and he mentions Michael Shane, and how he has included a lot of psychology into matches. He talks about a match between Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams that was well executed, but with the speed, they went too fast to get the crowd into the match. Shane talked to them and they listened to what he said. They appreciated what Shane said because it caused the fans to give them a better reaction. Shane talks about how Michael Shane has become a ‘character’ through his interaction with the crowd. Shane also talks about Bobby Roode, who Shane thinks has everything to be a star. He feels that Bobby is improving every week. Shane also talks about Monty Brown and Petey Williams.

Shane is excited to be working as an agent to see these young guys move from the mid-card to the main event. Shane talks about his match at ‘The Night The Line was Crossed’ and how he felt the light go off to realize that he had moved to the next level. Shane wants to see the kids turn into stars.

Shane was asked about some of the veteran talent that has come into TNA and how it has been received by the younger talent. Shane says that there was some concern from the locker room because of what they may have heard about people not being ‘team players’. Shane talks about Scott Hall, and says that Scott has worked hard in the ring and is teaching guys in the ring. Shane talked about a match between Scott and A.J. Styles that helped out A.J. because he was slowed down to tell a story in the first segment of the match. Shane talks about how the veteran wrestlers are working closely with the younger stars. Shane talks about how the future of TNA lies in A.J. Styles, Michael Shane, and the other young wrestlers.

Talk moved on to the ECW DVD. Shane was asked how there could be a DVD without input from Shane Douglas. Shane says that there was never a request from WWE to be involved. Shane mentions that people have differences. Shane talks about how this DVD has been so successful when the company has been out of business for 4 years. Shane mentions that when he was with ECW, he never heard Vince McMahon or Jim Ross mention ECW. Shane says that an ECW PPV without Sabu, Raven, Sandman, Francine, The Triple Threat, or the Pitbulls would not be the same. Shane hopes someone will do the pay per view the right way. Shane feels that you need the entire roster because ECW was never a ‘one guy show’. It was always ECW, not ‘The Shane Douglas Show’. Shane feels that there are some issues with whether the WWE will use outside talent for an ECW pay per view. Shane talks about how it would be hard to get some of those wrestlers. Shane suggests that they leave the legacy of ECW that way, and not have someone put something out with the ECW name that is not done right. Shane said that the perspective of people who are not employed by the WWE who were in ECW is not a concern of Vince McMahon. Shane says that ECW gave the fans what they wanted, and did not dictate to the fans what to watch.

Shane was asked about Chris Candido and his current work in TNA, and the possibility of a Triple Threat Reunion. Shane considers Chris to be like a brother, and Shane has always been concerned that Chris might end up on the ‘bad list’. Shane says that he has spent some time with Chris and now he is like the Chris Candido that he knew 10 years ago. He thinks Chris can teach the young guys a lot now, and help make people stars.

Shane was asked about moving TNA pay per views out of Orlando, and the rumors of doing a show in Pittsburgh. Shane feels that it is necessary to do shows outside of Orlando. Orlando is to TNA what Philadelphia was to ECW. However, any company that wants to survive in pro wrestling needs to show that they can draw outside of their base. Shane feels that a TNA pay per view could do good business with the talent they have. Shane says that TNA needs to look at the bottom line before expanding outside Orlando. Shane said that February was scheduled to be the site for the February pay per view, but there were other issues that got in the way. Shane said that pay per views will probably be outside Orlando by the summer.

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(Paraphrasing) Mick Foley: "Shane Douglas doesn't just burn bridges, he dynamites them into oblivion."