Shannara movies

Warner Bros is making Shannara movies. Apparently they're thinking of starting with Elfstones, which is cool since that was the best one (I wonder if it's because they realize the first is too much of an LotR clone?).

Anyway, Elfstones could make a great fantasy movie if they don't blow it. It's got the big war stuff as well as some almost horror elements. Hopefully they won't skimp on the CG house they choose.

LotR movies were dumb?

Personally, I would (and actually have) argued that LotR is one of the best trilogies in film, period. Of course, ymmv.

Poor imitation of a fantasy classic for those to lazy to read IMHO.

That presumes that people who have seen the films haven't read the books, which certainly isn't the case for everyone.

I tried to watch the first LOTR and found it horrible, couldn't stand more than a few minutes of it.

Tastes vary, no doubt about it. But I certainly wouldn't say that a trilogy that was nominated (and won) several awards and did so well financially was "dumb". While it's true that changes had to be made to adapt the books to the screen, the core storylines are entact, so I'm not sure why you found it "dumb" other than you didn't care for it.

Two Towers sucked, Fellowship and RotK were pretty awesome. For the most part, the only flaws in those two were present in the books as well (e.g., the boring and repetitive sequences of Frodo and Sam slogging through Mordor wheezing and complaining).

who will play garet jax in wishsong of shannara?

The LOTR movies were shit. Two Towers was so bad, I never saw RotK.

"who will play garet jax in wishsong of shannara?"

Don Wilson!

How old was Jax supposed to be? Older, wasn't he?

Good decision to skip Brooks' LoTR rewrite and start with the second book.

Some good villains with the Dagda Mor and his two allies, the demons and their origin will allow for them to pretty much make any and all types of horrible monsters and it will fit, big battles with elves and the bad ass rock trolls against the demons, and the smaller, as orcus said, almost horror movie scenes with the Ohmsford and the elven rangers against the Reaper.

Would def like to see Elfstones as a movie.

It has the potential to either be really good or just a really mediocre CGI shitfest.

Yeah, I could easily see it looking like Eragon, Krull, Dragonheart, or some Sci-Fi channel low budget P.O.S.; lots of bad effects and ugly costumes and sets.

Krull was the most ever, Kull was just bad.


don wilson!

yeah, i got the impression jax was in his 40's with his silver colored hair, but still in insane condition kinda like couture.

they'll need somebody kickass for allanon, too.

Elfstones was actually my first genre book...ever! This is great news!

Now, if they could only do Tad Williamses Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy.