Shannon Briggs Should......

Learn from the Frans Botha experiment and save himself the embarressment and us the pain of watching another boxing has-been get kicked around in K-1.

what he said

k 1 is diff than mma


Not sure if Briggs will do great, but he should be more prepared than Botha is/was. The ATT guys will at least give him some work with kicks and knees and he's been with them for some time. Granted I don't think they've got any K1 level guys (I *might* be is a big team), but I'm sure he's at least versed in kicks, knees, clinch attacks, etc.

He will suck. He sucked everytime he had to step up as a boxer and he will suck in K-1.

The first time a K-1 figher doesn't curl up in a ball when Briggs tries to bum rush him for the first 45 seconds Briggs will be looking for the exit.

He is muscle bound with no heart or cardio.

Sadly, I think he is probably a pretty decent guy.
So was Gerry Cooney and Duane Bobick. They sucked too.