Shannon heads to Iraq

I haven't posted here in quite some time, but thought the forum would like to know that Shannon Ritch received the call from the State Department to leave for Iraq on Saturday.

Shannon has officially retired from fighting in the ring and our prayers should be with him during his stay in Iraq.

Come home safe Shannon!

I got an e-mail from him last week. Hope he is finally heading out this way..... Tighten up Shannon and stay safe..............Don't get caught.


Sean Sullivan


Is he fighting over there?

Hey Shawn. It is eddie from Cali.How are you bro?

Stay safe Shannon, I'll be praying for you to stay safe.......

Why retire? Can't you just come back & get into the mix? Give an address so we can write to you??


Sup Eddie! How r u? Shit, don't wanna tread on Shannon's Thread. Sorry......

Sean, what is your email address? Shoot me a email at I got some questions regarding Atlanta, PSD etc. click on news.

My address in Iraq is

Shannon Ritch
APU AE 09316

I recieved my orders today. I depart on sat.
Best wishes,

Sean, If your near the embassay in Baghdad- stop by...

I don't think I'll be by the Embassy but I'll be in the area. I live in Kuwait but travel to and around IRAQ daily. Shannon, be careful brotha. I mean it.

Sean Sullivan

Shannon Keep us updated, I know you will be busy like a muthafuker but keep us updated when on your journey, let us know how its is over there man, Stay safe. Keep up the fight man!!!!!



Good luck Shannon. Give me a call if you get a chance. My #'s 602 790 6786.