Shannon Rich deserves respect

I can't believe how many people on here disrespect Shannon Rich. He's a nice guy and he fights anyone, anywhere, and anytime. How can anyone disrespect someone like that? He doesn't win all the time, but he at least has the balls to step in the ring and fight.

if he deserves respect, you should at least spell his name right.

Is Shannon Rich? j/k

anyway, respect!

Didn't everyone go over this exact same issue on another thread. I am referring to the thread that has over 700 posts on it. Beating a dead horse.

Good post.

Ritch knows himself so the dipshits on this forum dont get to him.

lol, its all good, and for the record it is RITCH...
TTT for MMA I am the biggest MMA Fan of all!

Shannon "The Cannon"