Shannon Ritch wants some of me??


You wanted to hit me in Indiana, in front people that know me personally???

What??? I've heard of courage under fire, but Shannon, if you ever hit me, I vil brake U.....

You want to take the chance, maybe August 12 in Stockton. Not sure if they are done matchamaking, but I hope to talk to them soon.

You keep talking... What!

your friend, Papacito

lol @ attempting to hype a fight on this message board with shannon


lol..Doesn't Shannon have like 60 losses on his record?!...Why would you wanna fight him? You might catch "the can syndrome" by getting to close to him...That shits hard to shake off...Better to stay away.

wow... gettin all pro-wrassslin on him huh

Worst promotion stunt eva

the Cannon = the most beaten man in mma

I don't know how anyone can support Shannon or any shows that he fights on.

If your so pissed at him, you should have layed him out in Indiana.


Dude, come on, half the people on this thread would fight Shannon for 2k, and sadly probably beat him. The only thing ive trained in lately is doritos and pasta roni and im pretty confident even I could ko the Hardest "WORKING" mma fighter in the biz.

Shannon is a good time. I've fought him years ago in Mexico, and had a few other fight trips with him, including Japan. He humors me, and always will I'm sure. But he got on another thread saying he wanted the fight with me. After knowing for 3/4 years, it shouldn't surprise me.

But I will kick the Cannon's head if given the chance. I may not be able to find my own fights for a while, have some news developing that'll prevent that. So if there's something to be done, it will have to be done soon.

Just letting the Cannon know I'm there if he wants some.

I could always use the footage, hell, last time I fought him he wore a damn monkey suit into the ring. That video is priceless, and I'm sure another fight would produce a "poster pic". Foot to head.

Shannon didn't punk me in the street, he posted that he wanted to fight me on an Indiana show.

Shannon just told me he's at the pool practicing his "dives". LOL, I kill me!!

Brian-AKA Pappasito-

I was approached by a promoter in California, that said I quote " Would you like to fight Brian" because we are having a hard time to find him an opponnet. I said Hell yeah, of course, we fought one time before and you out weighted me by a ton, that was when you were a fat turd, now i hear your in great shape and you are actually under 185.?????
If thats the case of course Id like to fight you !
I walk at 190 and 185 would be a good match up.
(No hard feeling) no pro wrassling hype,
Just if you need an opponnet, I will fight you.
PS- get some $$$ and turn your phone back on, I just tried to call you and it was turned off.

Shannon "The Cannon"

I will never go to a show or support any shows that have had Shannon fight in them. I have wanted to go to an Extreme Challenge show for awhile but I will never go because they have had Shannon on some of there shows.

I was only fat because they said you were a monster and 195 lbs. Sorry you came in at 182, but you did have more experience than me. Remember, I was just a 'rassler at the time.

lol, and a pretty good

best wishes- Shannon "The Cannon"

Shannon "SD Jones" Ritch LOL!!!!