Shannon Ritch wants some of me??

gosh dang it crowbar now I'll be up alllll night wondering what you said................

He'll be working on standing straight, I promise that much.

Shannon might have a losing streak, but who are you?

"So you'll never watch Pride?"
You are correct.

he may not but I do!!!!!!!!

Why do you call yourself "the cannon"?


Never been one to pick an opponent. I think I've actually "jumped" at two names offered by a matchmaker. One didn't happen.

Truly, as a career move, just a fight. Another chance to celebrate the art that I practice each day. I like shannon outside of him trying to hit me in the mouth. And I liked the promoter that MIGHT put this together. So it's dual ended.

But c'mon, how could choking the cannon be anything but a good time.

The problem with a guy anywhere above prelim status fighting Ritch is that there is absolutely no dount about who will win, it's pointless to make a match like that.

They used to lock humans into stadiums with Tigers/Lions in Rome for the enjoyment of carnage. What's difference. I'm just a wrestler, I shouldn't be able to make him tap unless I slam him seven times. Begins hack squats in living room


"gosh dang it crowbar now I'll be up alllll night wondering what you said................ "

Here is what I originally posted Momita.Now you can gets some rest.  ;-)



I hate to say "I told you so" but damn...

and all of the evidence is right here on the UG.

Gotta love the wwf evidence locked on the UG - LOL!

wow... this dosent look good for either of them... hahahahaha fuckin' hilarious!


obvious that shannon and I know each other. we also post on the UG together. considering i manage franks team, I speak with plenty of promoters. As does "the most active mma fighter in the world"

Word got back to me that shannon offered to fight me on a show (Legends of fighting, Indiana) Not sure if it was on the UG where he mentioned it or not. I'm not jaydub. I made this exactthread, at midnight/1 am. My original thread contained a bit of humor.

I would fight shannon ritch every friggin weekend if I could make money doing it. Again, he would never beat me, unless I ran my head into his knee. Still, he might tap because I hurt his knee, you never know.

I would have fought him in Indiana for Mike Camp. I would have fought him in Stockton. Instead, I didn't get on the card. I would have accepted him as an opponent in July, instead I got an 8-1 fighter that I utterly smashed, with the same "over the top antics" that landed me in trouble this weekend.

I've traded banter and humor with most people on the UG that address me. shannon has been no different. having a personality onlin has nothing to do with my character (values).

This forum is a source of information and a marketing tool. Sometimes pure entertainment. But to act like I've been trying to set up a work with Shannon for the last 6 months is retarded. I've had 3 tough fights this year, and my last two have been easier, and I had a blast in both.

One in front of my hometown friends, I put on a show. Vs. shannon was here in the bay area, and I made the decision to put on a show again. It was supposed to be Andy Maccorone, but he withdrew. Shannon got into this fight with no help from me, save accepting him as an opponent.

He actually left me a message, using the matchmaker's phone. they were at a show together, and the matchmaker said they had trouble finding me an opponent. He calls saying he's gonna make his "big year" with a win over me. I talk to the promoter and matchmaker the next day. they ask if I'd fight him, I say "of course, I'll break him".

With the IFL fight coming up, why turn down shannon and get a truly tough opponent. This was an easy fight, and I had a good contract.

Not sure how many 185-ers would not sign on to fight shannon for descent money. Go bust Frank's balls for fighting him in K-1 for ?? thousands of dollars.

How could Sakaraba live with himself for making X amount of dollars, for fighting shannon in pride? I mean, he couldn't possibly lose, so why take the fight.

guys this fight had nothing to do with Shannon being let go from driving a mobile dojo.

just an FYI


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