Shaolin in Montreal- Two Weeks

Shaolin Ribiero will be at GAMMA in one week for a BJJ / MMA
seminar, Feb 14 & 15.

12pm both days.

Gi Saturday, No gi Sunday.

$75 for 1 day, $125 for 2 days.


i'm pretty sure this'll be on the 14-15th


Sled Dog has a lot on his mind. Guro Dan Inosanto will be at
GAMMA on the 28-29 of February.


Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.

CBK is right. Too much on my mind, The corrected dates
are 14 & 15 Feb.

Still wouldn't mind seeing some of you there.

sled dog, will shaolin be offering any privates....


aquaviva, I don't know.

I will ask and then post the response when I find out.


thanx sled dog




If your a BJJ player or MMA fighter this is not to be missed.


Ask him about the BRABO choke! LOL!
TTT 4 Shaolin


lol at the "brabo"choke.......
Shaolin has been doing that choke since 1997.

People like Shaolin come to Montreal once in a while.

After they leave everyone moans about how they really should have gone.

It is next weekend. Step up or... wonder why people are getting better than you.

Read the posts from those who have taken the Toronto - Hamilton seminars. They have no reason to lie, it is already over.

Better this than just "ttt".

Take advantage, take advantage. What a wonderful seminar.