Shaolin in Montreal- Two Weeks

TTT. Any word on privates?

if you enjoy BJJ then make it a point to be there.
Shaolin is a great BJJ & No-gi player. Besides I sure
we all find other less produtive things to spend money
on. Invest your time and the money will be well spent.

worth every penny.


What has he been covering in the seminars? Focused on one area or a little bit of everything? Basic stuff, intermediate, advanced or some of each? A lot of conditioning, a lot of techniques, a lot of drills, a lot of rolling?

Privates will be available.

Contact me for cost and availability.







ttt for tomorrow!

where is GAMMA located?

GAMMA is located at

1121 St Catherine St west, #201, Montreal, Quebec.

This is right downtown, near the corner of Peel St.

We start at 12:00 noon today and tomorrow.

There is still time if you want to book privates, but not much.

(514) 281-9928