Shaolin monks join CroCop's agent

I originally posted this in the main forum but realized it may be out of place there so I deleted it and decided to repost it here:

According to Zach Arnold's PuroresuPower website, rumors say that Miro Mijatovic, of IbizCube Japan, has made connections with a "Chinese Shaolin Wushu" team. Mijatovic plans to unveil the team at a huge Asian "supershow." Miro (from what I read in previous articles), a Croatian, was the mastermind of Fedor working the disastrous Inoki Bom Ba Ye 03 show, and may have been linked to his move from Russian Top Team to Red Devil Sports Club. He was also Cro Cop's agent at the time. I believe (not from this article) he is also a link between Too Hot 2 Handle and M-1 Fighting Championships.

Now I have two thoughts which I ponder:
1) How low can the "holy" fall?
2) How angry are the Triad for not exploiting Shaolin wushu before a foreign power did? Will they counter by dealing with PRIDE?

On another note, it is mentioned that Inoki wants to deal with China also. But isn't Inoki already in league with K-1, and didn't they have conenctions when they brought in An Hu, Teng Jun, Kang En, and Zhang Qing Jun? Also, since K-1 works with Shootboxing, can't they use their connections which brought in Zheng Yuhao and helped in the Shootboxing vs Sanda show? And also why cannot Inoki use the same connections he used when he brought New-Japan Pro Wrestling to Harbin, China?


  • Shaolin monks perform regularly at commercial venues around the world. Some will say they're not real monks anyway, but.. I don't see how this is "low" for them. Anyway, this is about their fight team.. they don't really have connections to the MMA world, which Miro does

  • I doubt the The Triads have much connection with Shaolin. I think Shaolin is controlled by the Chinese Wushu Association, a goverment body, if not by a gov't ministry directly.

  • K-1 and Shootboxing have connections in CWA or King of Sanda, doesn't mean they have exclusive rights to the entire huge Chinese market ! And besides alliances btwn k-1, pride and inoki have always been mercurial

one of the Sanda guys competed in K-1 Seoul this August

Those "monks" are wushu performers in costume.