Shaolin selling stuff!!!

At the seminar Shaolin will be selling lots of cool stuff.

Its all cool stuff too.
Shirts, Shorts, Toques, Patches etc.



Mundial shirts, Hunter fight shorts, Shaolin T-shirts and beanies and much much more!!!

Cool shoalin patchis and stickers

nice gear and all the cool kids are buying it

I got a couple of sweet shirts!

ttt for shaolin

ttt for Shaolin

ttB for jiuchick

stop being a bully, ass!

I see you noticed that the woman's class is i'll see ya there?

p.s. i got the same toque as we can be twins!

Why are you copying me? You don't see me going out and buying a dollar store camera, do you?

mza is the only purple belt I know, who sleeps with a night light.

oh you bastard! THAT's it!!! I'm soo cutting your face out of that picture I took last night!!


Kashk, I admire your resilience. I thought after the verbal beatdown you got on Sunday, you'd think twice but you're a scrappy fellow. You're like the Shannon Ritch of verbal duels.

jiuchick, it's ok ... I don't know how good those pics would come out anyway ... considering your camera and all.

shut up! I'm assumming you're training tomorrow at 12...I will most likely be there to beat your ass

LOL jiuchick won by suplex!