Shaolin vs Kawajiri 2, your pick?

after seeing Uno vs Kawajiri I think its going to be a very tough fight for Kawajiri.

While I think Uno is just as good of a wrestler as Shaolin (Shaolin may be alittle better) he is much stronger than Uno.

Kawajiri gassed pretty bad against Uno's takedowns attempts (and leg kicks). I think Shaolin will keep pressure on him untill Kawajiri gasses and gets takendown and more than likely submitted (as close as Shaolin came last time I wouldn't be suprised to see Kawajiri actually get tapped this time)

I hope Kawajiri pulls it out, he has finally started pulling the trigger on his punches.

Your thoughts?

3-1 Ribeiro

Shaolin by submission.

I disagree with Kawajiri not being much different. He wasn't much of a striker at all back in 2002, and suddenly became a devastating puncher in 2003. His ground game is still pretty much the same, however (which is very good, but not Shaolin's level).

I think Shaolin will win another decision, but it won't be as one-sided this time.

Personally,I think there is a good chance Kawajiri could KO Shaolin.Uno is alot better than most people give him credit for,I think he is as good as Shaolin,not in all area,but he is definately the same level as Shaolin.