Shaolin's Specialty?

With his cross-over success in bjj, sw, & mma, and his current seminar tour, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what Shaolin's specialty is?

What aspect(s) of his game allow him to apply it across the board, so to speak, and really stand out as one of the best modern grapplers?

Shoalin has a unique way of taking the top after he sweeps a guy. This means he has more sweeps available to him. Thus I found for my own training, the sweeps he shows will be avialble when a guy blocks the grips and position that I really want to get. Also his arm lock setups ar4e really good. His guard passing into mount is really good. He has similar passing concepts to B.J. and Charuto.

He has very good takedowns for a BJJ guy which is very important in NHB, SW, and BJJ. His half guard game is very good too.

I think Shaolin's strength as a fighter is a combination of things:

1) He is extremely agile and coordinated.

2) He trains his body to be in the perfect fighting shape (functional strength, cardio, endurance)

3) He has a mind for positions that goes beyond just memorization and into creation.

4) He blends wrestling and BJJ better than anyone Ive seen.

5) His chi is strong. After all, he is a Shaolin monk.

Nice, doing a private and seminar with him next week!

I dont think I have ever seen the guy get tired. Even during high pressure situations his facial expressions never change, always calm.

Whats Shaolin's speciality?