Shaq Has No Self Respect

Fuck this fat tub of shit. I have never been a big shaq basher but fuck this guy completely, he has no self respect at all. He has played the last 4 maybe 5 years in LA fat and out of shape but since they were winning he said fuck it and did nothing about it, even his last 2 years when they lost he did nothing to get in shape.

Now this piece of shit goes off in less than 2 months and drops 35 pounds. What he gets traded and wants to prove a point so he gets in shape? He should have been in shape from the beginning. I can understand him putting on some weight over the years, but he needed to be traded to get motivated, thats having no self respect

Tim Hardaway did the same thing. I remember years back when he let himself ballon up when the warriors stopped playing him a lot but as soon at he was traded to Miami, he drops weight. Thats bullshit and having no respect for yourself. He should have been in shape the whole time so when he was traded he was ready

Fuck them

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"He owed nothing to the Lakers organization, and just did what made him happy. I think it has nothing to do with self respect."

dangerboy - bro you are wrong, Shaq did owe the lakers, he owed them to be in the best shape possible and play at the highest level because they were paying him the highest contract.

But really it has everything to do with self respect. If my bosses treat me like shit and disrespect me, I am still going to do my job to the best of my abilities. Now I may not go the extra mile anymore or do extra work or work OT but when I punch in till I punch out I will do my job as well as possible. I have respect in myself and will not let myself slip to be lesser than I am because I may be getting disrespected by the higher ups

Thats what it comes down to, respect in yourself. Shaq has been out of shape for years, not just when he has been hurt. Chrius mullin was never out of shape, Jerry rice is never out of shape, not even now that he not a top receiver. Its about how you look at yourself, and I think shaq really dis a disservice to himself by not doing everything possible to be his absolutel best over these last few years

"mmm... he was hurt for huge parts of those last 2 years. Hard to get in shape hurt."

Being out of shape to begin with played a huge role in those injuries. I do the same shit (on a way lower level obviously:) and have all sorts of nagging injuries to thank for it, he at least has the top notch discounted sports docs to fix him up. heh

i disagree ,maybe Shaq woke up and relized he needs to be thinner Better late then never and this is a huge year for him

"i disagree ,maybe Shaq woke up and relized he needs to be thinner"

That's not what happened, Shaq's known for YEARS that he needs to be thinner and has heard it from several different sources during those years.

Its not about having no self respect, its about having no morals, and being a whinning cry baby. I think it is good that he dropped weight and is going to asert himself in the league again. But its sad his ego is so big that he couldn't try this hard in LA.


"You can say that Shaq doesn't respect the Lakers, but you can't say he doesn't respect himself. I am sure he treats himself and his loved ones well, but he may not have given the lakers his best effort."

do you have any idea what respect in yourself means? Not being in the best shape possible for your job to play the absolute best you can is not having any self respect. No matter how you are treated or what people say its about you. If shaq thought it was a good idea to drop 35 pounds now why didn't he do that 5 years ago? 2 years ago? He got by because of talent and his size not because he was doing everything possible to be the best.

You do not let yourself go the way he did and then get traded and feel disrespected to dro weight everyone was saying you needed to a long time ago.

Its about how you look at yourself. It is the reason I used Tim Hardaway as an example, ou don't get playing time so you let yourself go? Thats is disgraceful.

Chris Mullin when he ridding the bench in Indy he was still in great shape because if he was called upon he would be ready.

When I played overseas, I worked out everyday, when I was cut by a first division team and played second division I didn't stop working out or not as often. I easily could have because I did not need to be in the same shape to play in a lower league than I would in the higher one. But I kept myself in top shape because when the time came to sign with another team I wouldn't need to get in shape, I would already be in shape.

Hell even when I played in the lower divisions I would practice with the first division teams. Everyone told me to get paid for my time in the practices and not play as hard. Fuck that, I have too much pride and self respect for that. I probably should have asked for some money but not play as hard, I play hard every time I play, I don't half ass it, that is what shaq has done for years and its a shame

"I don't half ass it, that is what shaq has done for years and its a shame"

It's true.

"Sj, this is YOUR definiton of self respect. My definition of self respect has nothing to do with being in shape or how hard I play a sport."

anythinggoes - bro you have got to be kidding me, there is not MY definition and then yours of self respect in this situation. Self respect is taking pride in yourself, the way you carry yourself and the way you conduct yourself. Does Shaq have self respect? Im sure he does but when it come to this situation, there is only one definition of self respect and shaq is lacking it. Explain to me how you look at shaq than when it comes to this? You either have pride in yourself or you don't. If you need something like being traded to motivate you than you are not only cheating the people paying you and the people you work with but you are cheating yourself of being the best you can be.

"You have to realize that each person has their own ideas and views that may differ from yours."

True but we are talking about a man that ignored his weight and appearance for about 4 years now. He let himself go when he had an obligation to his team and teammates to be the best he could be, he was not doing that because if he was he would have dropped that 35 pounds, years ago.

How you can look at this in a different way is really hard to understand, this is not about being a lakers fan/basher or shaq fan/basher, its about a player that only did recently what he should have done years ago

"Right. You can have pride in yourself without working out. You can have pride in yourself without winning a championship."

WTF? dude please get a clue. We are not talking about a guy at the mill working 10 hour days with belly. We are talking about a professional basketball who is paid tons of money to do one thing, to be the very best basketball player that he can be. That is his job. That means work out, be in shape and do everything possible to help his team win.

How in gods name can you say a player has self respect when he is not doing his job to the best of his ability? Please explain

"You would have to ask him. I think he does. Maybe he doesn't. But there are definitely more important things in life than basketball. It is just a sport"

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, do you live in reality? More important things than basketball? That is his freaking job. That is how he supports his family, that is his lively hood. The only thing more important to him should be the health and well being of his family

At my job I am not curing cancer but I take pride in the job I do, I do the absolute best I can do everyday. And that is a big reason why I have gotten 2 off union scale raises in the last year alone. Hell even at my side gigs as a bouncer/security I take pride in doing a good job and how I carry myself, and for that I have been offered more jobs while working.

Just curious, how old are you? As a man you are supposed to conduct yourself in a certain way and he was not living up to his obligation of his contract by losing that weight now, its crystal clear

"This is about respect for others-the Lakers, not respect for himself."

WTF? Man I really believe you need a reality check

"Yeah I don't think it has anything to do with self respect. Shaq sometimes doesnt care about his job, but hell most people don't care about their job from one time or another."

Unbelievable, how many people in this world have their dream job? Very few. Sure we all slide sometimes at work but 5 years? Anyone who does that is a piece of shit

"SJ sounds like one of those guys who'd spend 80 hours a week at the office, because he felt that was what his boss wanted him to do."

You are way off, I do my job the way it is supposed to be done. Because I want it done, not for anyone else. Its called taking pride in what you do

"Bro shaq owed LA nothing. I'm sure it didnt say anything about staying at or near 325, or working hard during the offseason. It just said play for the Lakers, and thats what Shaq did. I think Shaq more than met his end of the deal by giving LA 3 titles."

This is the most incorrect statement ever. Shaq did owe the Lakers, They were paying him to be the best he could be, he was not fulfilling his end of the deal. But since shaq won 3 titles in his first 5 years, it was OK to fuck off the last 2? and even for his last championship he was not at his best because of the shape he was in. Shaq tralks about being the best, you don't get their by not doing everything possible to achieve that goal

"It's just a game and a job. If I don't go the extra mile at work, I don't feel bad about myself."

Thats on you and Im sure you don't have your dream job as Shaq does

"If I lose a few games of Candy Land when I play my 3 year old nephew I dont feel bad. I do feel bad when I dont take time out to do the things that are important in life with my friends and family."

This has nothing to do with the topic

"Shaq can't help the fact that he is such a great natural athlete, and can be dominant at basketball with minimal effort. If certain people are jealous of the fact that a guy like Shaq was born with gifts they weren't, thats kinda sad."

Sad, very sad. Maybe you are just a blinded shaq fan, because Michael Jordan never gave a minimal effort just because he was the best plaer, neither did Magic or Bird. Maybe as a shaq fan you were fine with a gifted athlete doing the minimum just to get by

"I don't need a clue. The reality is he is going to be a millionaire whether he plays to your standards are not. He doesn't need anyones approval to make millions."

By my stannards? So you are fine with people performing less than they are capable of? Thats basically what you are saying

"Why do people work? To get money to support themselves and family -usually. There can be other reasons, but basically -you work to get MONEY. That is the main reason. You don't have to like your job or do it with pride to get paid."

So shaq is only out to get money? Than why does he say he wants to be remembered as one of the best? One of the best that gave less effort that he was capable of? No you don't have to like your job to get paid but taking pride in what you do shows what type of selfworth you have in yourself.

"Of course I live in reality. I'm not the one expecting players to give their all. This obviously isn't reality."

So if you own a company you are fine with people not giving their all or working up to their abilitites, just enough to get by is fine with you, thats all that is expected out of you

"In reality it is rare that people give their all. Like it or not that is the way it IS."

So give people a pass. Shaq says he wants to be the best yet not work for it

"Shaq is going to be a millionaire regardless, so he is going to support his family regardless."

this is really going over your head, shaq being a millionaire is not the issue, its him perfoming below what he was capable of and doing all he could to be the best, and you are OK with at

"I am 34. How did this end up being about me? I am not Shaq. I have self respect as well as respect for others."

I asked your age to see if there was a gap between us, there isn't we are the same age. Im not saying your shaq, I never said you didn't have self respect. But I do find it very difficult to understand how you think its alright for someone to slide, but don't take anything personal, yes I think you and dangerboy are screwy with your mindset on this but no worries, its just a debate, again nothing personal

"Look, we're talking bout self respect. Magic cheated on his wife and got Aids, great example of self respect. Jordan cheated on his wife as well, and she only has ties with because of their children, fantastic example of self respect. Bird has an estranged daughter who was his biggest fan his whole career though he made next to no effort to spend any time with her, another prime example of a person with self respect."

That is a whole other topic, we are talking about shaq having no self respect when it come to his basketball career. How those guys went about the game of basketball you can't even begin to compare to Shaq

"Shaq can't help it that basketball isn't #1 on his list of priorities, like it was for you heroes."

You are missing the point entirely, if basketball is not shaq's priority than he should not talk about how he wants to be the best. What it comes down to is he cheated his team, his teammates and himself of being the best he could be by not working out and being in shape, you even trying to defend him on this is just crazy. If he was doing everything the past few years the way he should have he would not have just droped 35 pounds since being in Miami

"It isn't a black or white issue in which you perform all out or not at all. It is possible to perform well without going all out. I think people should try to give a good performance, they don't have to go all out to do this."

Yes it is black and white, its very clear. but if this is truly how you feel, what can I say. You should always perfom your best, especially when being paid an enormous amount of money

"I don't think Shaq only wants money, but I bet it is one of his top priorities."

he can get the money while going all out

"Shaq wants to be remembered as one of the best and he probably will be remembered as one of the best because he had a good career."

and just think if he did all the things necessary to be THE BEST, not just one of

"I would expect my employees to perform their jobs well, some people can do this with ease, some have to bust their ass to do it. I don't care if someone is working to their abilities, I only care that they do a good job."

I don;t think you would have a very successful business at all

"I don't believe in giving people a pass. I don't think Shaq is the best, he is one of the best but not the best."

But you are giving him a pass because you don't think it was a big deal that he was not in top shape the past years

"Shaq performing below what he is capable of is OK for me because it doesn't effect me. I admire him because he helps people. I like b-ball, but it is only a game to me. It's not that serious."

Dude what is wrong with you? Shaq perfoming below what he is capable of does not affect me either but we are talking about the person's character. Hell the kids getting shot in Russia by terrorists didn't affect me directly either but it still pissed me off, catch up please. And it is pretty serious because what shaq has done reflects what society accepts now from people, which is why society is so fucked up, we do not expect the very best of people, its all half ass

"You didn't say I was Shaq. Maybe I was being a little defensive, sorry about that. I don't think it is okay for Shaq to slide. I think he should have done more than he did, but it doesn't upset me. Why should it bother me? It doesn't effect me?"

Bro we are talking about hoops, in the hoops world it pisses me off, I don't take this type of crap home, shaq doing this doesn't keep me up at night, but again I think it reflects society and were we are as a whole

"If you look at the whole picture, Shaq has more self respect than a lot of players. Look at dangerboy's examples. Life is more than just b-ball."

I have never said shaq is a bad guy, I actually always have said he is a good guy. But this is a serious character flaw he has that he would let this go down the way it has. Of course life is more than BBall, but BBall is a huge part of Shaq's life because its his profession.

When bball was my profession, I was in the best shape possible, worked out everyday, worked on my game. It was at the very top of my list, the only thing ahead of it was my family. Now Im out of shape, a has been and hoops is way down on the list. But I also don't get paid to play anymore but if I didnt I would give it all I have, shaq has cheated a lot of people with his selfish act, he can get in shape for his new team but not his old one, the one he won rings with was not worth it, come on

souljacker is correct, now shut yer dumbasses up before I delete your idiocy!! ;)

"SJ you titled the thre Shaq has no self respect. I think you mean Shaq has no respect for basketball. I would agree with that statement, but you cant make such outlandish remarks about a mans character when you have no clue what his motives in life are."

WTF? He is showing what his character is when he fucks off for almost 5 years with his shape and as soon as he is traded he loses 35 pounds to get in shape. That shows a mans character right there. That is a serious character flaw on his part. I don't need to know a mans motives when for years he slides by but then feels slighted by a team that trades him so he decides to get in shape, that tells a lot about a person

"He says he wants to be the best, maybe he does. Maybe he has thousands of goals, like being a good father and husband, which trump being the best basketball player."

LOL, dude there are many people that are great professionals and family men. My dad was a great cop for over 25 years and a great husband and father, it all depends what type of man you want to be. A person like shaq show some serious character issues, how you can't see that is difficutl to understand

"Making claims against Shaq's character like that was not cool when you have no clue what drives him."

Are you kidding me, I don't have to know what drive a man to NOT give his all to make a judgement on him. He has a serious character flaw when he gives less than he should have been given but taking the max money. He could have dropped those 35 pounds many times in the past but never did, he was skating by without giving his all and when the team decided to get rid of him he felt disrespected and now fels like putting in the extra work, that is a cheating everyone around you as a team plus yourself. By not doing your best you are cheating yourself of your true potential

"I still find it funny that you brought up Jordan, Magic and Bird when their lack of self respect is far more obvious than Shaq's."

ON THE BASKETBALL TOPIC. All 3 of those have other issues outside basketball, but we are talking about being a professional athlete

"They fucked up their own families, yet you call them out as heroes, and denounce Shaq for being lazy. Shaq is 5 times the man those three could ever be."

WTF, where have I ever called any of them heros? Haven't you seen my posts on Bird? I know all about his short comings along with him probably being one of the biggest pricks in person. I mentioned these 3 in a basketball perspective that shaq cannot even come close to standing up to. Bird, Magic or Jordan never screwed their tams, their teammates or themselves when it came to playing basketball professionally, shaq not only did it for one year but many

Shaq is very good with kids, gives a lot to charity, is never in the news for crimes or stupid shit. Those are all good things but you have been trying to defend Shaq's basketball career with some serious bs and it appears that is simply because you are a fan.

No one is perfect, like life or their professional career but this has not been a one or two year thing, this has gone on for many years now and for him to get a fire under his ass because he got traded shows he cheated himself, his team and teammates

"This is your opinion, it isn’t a fact."

So its my opinion that everyone should try to perform to the best of their ability?

"He will get the money regardless, that’s the reality of his contract."

No fucking shit, this thread is not about whether he will get paid or not, its about him not giving his all

"LOL, I work for a successful business, my boss expects us to do well and we do, but he doesn’t crack the whip. I know bosses that are slave drivers and lose workers all the time because they push people too hard."

Its not about a boss cracking the whip or being a slave driving, its about self worth and doing everything possible to help your team win. Shaq has not done that for many years

"The key is balance. There is such a thing as too little and also such a thing as too much."

You really are having a hard time understand this, there is no balance when you are not in the best shape possible. Working out 8 hours a day would be maybe over duing, to where as 2 hours would be under doing. There is no balance with being in the best shape possible.

"The kids in Russia getting shot upset me, that was innocent lives lost. You can’t compare that to a stupid game. If you are upset with society, I guess this is something you have to deal with. Things are the way they are."

Its was a comaprison of how it doesn't directly affect us here, the same way shaq doesn't directly affect us either

"You’re right, we’re talking about hoops. I don’t take this stuff home either."

we are talking about hoop, but we are also talking about someone's profession and supposed passion in life, he has not given all he has

"I agree with you. Everyone has a character flaw. Me. You. Shaq. No one is exempt."

Yes we do all have character flaws but mine do not affect 12 other peers, a coaching staff and a whole organization that has paid me millions to a job I agreed to do to the best of my ability. By shaq not being in the best shape he has affected others lives, guys like Fox, Fisher, etc. If he had been in top shape maybe they would have won another 1 or 2 rings and those guys would still be with the lakers.

And if my flaws are hurting others around I do my best to fix them or find common ground with those people, shaq did not do that

"Business is about the bottom line. 3 championships in five years is the bottom line. Having a marquee player to fill the seats (profit) is the bottom line. There are plenty of guys in better shape than Shaq with no rings."

Wrong business is the bottom line for man's efforts, you are talking about the Lakers as a business, this thread is a player that gave less than he had and did the minimum to get by, that makes him a piece of shit. The money was already taken care for Shaq, it has a been a matter of how much effort he wanted to put in and by him getting into shape now after years of fucking off shows what type of person he is

"Shaq is a ballplayer, not a bodybuilder. Even when he is out of shape he performs better than most people. His job is to play ball and try to win games. He has done a pretty good job a this."

Is this really how you look at life? Is this the type of shit you rattle off to your kids? HE HAS DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB? HE PERFORMS BETTER THAN MOST? Thats complete horse shit. The fact is he could have done a lot better job and at the very least we wont know how much better because he wasn't in the best shape. His job is to play basketball and to try and win games, his job also is to be in top shape and work on his game to become better, That is in is contract.