Shaq Has No Self Respect

lol, I'm just gonna nuke this whole fucking thread. :)

"SJ, I don't agree with you. I don't think Shaq's contract mentions anything about being in top shape, maybe it does, but I doubt it."

That is where you are wrong, its does say in his contract for him to be in shape. It has many clauses regarding shape and conditioning. You would be surprised what al is in a contract. Problem was there was no weight limit or requirement

"This thread has gone into a lot of side issues and other topics. My main point was that in my opinion, Shaq's not getting in top shape can be argued to reflect on his respect for others(his teammates, the Lakers, etc) but not for his respect of himself."

But that is where you are missing it, it does reflect him not having respect for himself. Someone that lets themselves go when their top priority in their profession is to be in top shape and play at the highest level possible and they do not do everything possible to achieve that means they are showing a lack of self respect. Then add the fact that they get traded and then decided to get in the best shape, there is a serious problem with that

"One could also argue that Shaq's teammates let him down, but that is another side issue."

Are you just arguing fucked up angles for the sake of arguement? We are not talking about anyone other than shaq

"I think this is a game of semantics. SJs defintion versus mine. My definition versus SJ, etc. etc."

You definition to this whole thing is shaq didn't need to be in shape because he is a great player and he is going to get paid regardless

"Basically we would continue to debate this ad naseaum until one of us got tired, which I am nearing that point now."

That may be but its very hard to understand how you think it is perfectly ok for someone not to give their all because they are already a great player, they will get paid regardless and they have other priorities, make little to no sense, sorry

"It would be okay to debate you a little bit more, but you seem to like to try to read things into situations that aren't there. You seem to try to make deductions about my character and personality and do not know me."

With some of the things you have mention yes I do have some questions regarding your character. Maybe you should go back and read some of the things you have written because if you are passing any of that along to your kids I find that very sad, Im just being honest

"If you are just trying to get an emotional reaction and be "Othergroundish" for effect and excitement that is one thing, but if you are sincere then I find it sad that you are so quick to pass judgement on someone you don't know."

I don't have to know someone to judge their conduct. I am judging shaq by not doing everything he could do to be the best he could but only now decides to because he feels slighted

"You speak of character, but have you shown character in your posts?"

I believe I am a man of high character and Im not being questioned about my heart or desire

"Do you give your all at work? Are you supposed to be surfing the net while you're at work? Aren't you supposed to be giving your all? Shouldn't you be surfing the net on your own time and not company time?"

LMFAO, I kick ass at my job, so much it affords me time to bs here. I have gotten 2 raises off union scale in the last year, even though our company is supposedly losing money, so I say ask yourself if I give my all at work

"I'm being a smartass, but point is summed up with this quote, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

I feel good about throwing stones at shaq for this, lol

"You seem to do a lot of finger pointing and talking about what is right, so much so that you seem to have overlooked your own behavior."

how have I overlooked my own own behavior? Where have I screwed over my co-workers as shaq did with his team mates, where have I screwed over my company, as shaq has with not doing what was necessary, where have I let myself down in my professional life where I gave less than I had and did not do what was necessary to to perform my job to the fullest? Please point this out

I don't really understand how you can argue that a guy who asks for max money and then gives 50% effort has self respect. If he was making the vet minimum and just wanted to half ass it out there on the court then I could understand that, but that isn't even close to his situation.

"Shaq is a competitive guy, and I find it hard to imagine him refusing to stay in shape to sabatoge his team."

LoL Are we talking about the same Shaq, who a couple of seasons ago, waited till the beginning of the season to have surgery on his fucked up foot?

"I still ain't sure shaq wasn't in good shape for his situations."

OK well thats different than saying he doesn't need to be in top shape like has been said here more than a few times. But ask yourself, if shaq was in good shape, why drop 35 pounds as soon as you are traded?

"The guy was injured for a great deal of the time, and when you're that big it's hard to get back in shape."

Believe me I understand the being injured part but saying shaq is too big and its hard for him to get back in shape is bullshit. Shaq is a professional basketball player, that is his job. He can get up every morning and take his kids to school and then have the whole day to work out, have a trainer, a chef to cook proper meals, come on. Me and you have jobs we have to go to all day and working out after work can always be a challenge, just imagine if you had all day like shaq to stay in shape

"The last two years, even with LA, the news at the start of the season was that Shaq was in shape and would dominate. The long season wears on the big mans body. You gotta remember the guy takes more intentional fouls than anyone in the league. That's got to wear on his body. Remember a couple of summers ago he was playing like he was on the LAPD and he got in great shape, til he got hurt during the season."

Yes he has had some injuries and I can cut him some slack for that but how much slack? The man dropped 35 pounds in a matter of weeks after being traded, doesn't add up.

"Shaq is a competitive guy, and I find it hard to imagine him refusing to stay in shape to sabatoge his team."

Look I never once said shaq did it purposely or intentionally to fuck his team. I admit it would be difficult when you have his size and ability to always stay motivated but this has also been an on going problem and not just a one year thing. I believe shaq thought he could get by without being in top shape and if the lakers would have signed him he would not have dropped the weight, he felt disrespected by the trade and wanted to prove something, but you shouldn't need a trade to get you motivated

"I obviously am a Shaq fan, but I am willing to bet he will be injured and out of shape by seasons end, even with a new team. He's big and old, and wont hold up."

Well it is a long season but at the very least you should always come into the season in top shape. Im not a big shaq basher but this really bothers me because I think shaq is better than that

"He's been in the league for 13 years, that's a pretty long time. Look at the list of his draft class and out of all of them I'd say only Spreewell and Christie are in better shape than shaq, and they play the 2, so if they weren't in shape they wouldn't be in the league."

Bro you are making excuses for shaq, I give shaq total respect on his career and especially how many years he has already played for his size. This doesn't make shaq the worst person in the world but I honest believe he is cheating himself, you don't want to look back and say, if he was in top shape could the lakers have one one or two more rings

"After weighing all of the facts I'm gonna start a thread that is the exact opposite of this one, praising Shaq for his dedication and hard work."

LOL, ok

"It was his toe and the doctors told him if he could rehab it over the summer he'd be ok. He tried and it was still injured. You always avoid surgery at all costs."

If that was the case then why were the Lakers pissed off at him for it?