Shaq pays for some random dude's engagement ring


Dusty up in this new app. Fuck this.

im sure shaq has some skeletons in his closet, but overall, he seems like an awesome human being.

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The little I’ve heard about Shaq from people who’ve met him or were around him, all have said he’s a nice guy and the Shaq you see on TV who loves to smile and joke around, is who he is in real life

listened to him on conan o’brien podcast. he says when he is out, he always wants to mingle with strangers and fans. says when he doesn’t want to interact, he stays home.

seems to have a true appreciation for the gifts he has.

Very cool! I didn’t know Shaq was so generous.

Dr. O’Neal is good people.

He owns some Papa Johns’ and he will take deliveries.

Brother O’Neal is awesome!

Pro athletes who have multiple examples of being a good person, gain my respect big time.

A few good deeds like this > 5 GREAT years performing at a sport.

Shaq seems like a legit down to earth good person


Not funny, not funny at all ShaqFu!

My brother has met him a couple times and a buddy worked at the Forum when he first got to the Lakers and both said what you see on TV is exactly who he is. Super gregarious generous as hell and just a great dude.

He used to hang out and train with Rumblefish. He probably racist AF!