Shaq to "promote" UFC???

I was just reading SLAM magazine and Shaq had this to say about business plans in Miami...

"I got a litte production company, and American Airlines Arena doesn't get used that much, but I've got people I can call- I can call up the Fat Joes and the Commodores and UFC and tell'em to come down, I'll be the promoter. Business-wise, I'm gonna take care of a lot of stuff."

Redneck, don't let your racism get the better of you. Shaq has lots of money and big pull in Miami, surely he can do no worse than Dana has.

If Shaq helped promote a UFC event in Miami I think it would sell a lot of tickets

Shaq is probably the most famous sports athlete in the country

Shaq being a UFC fan is a good thing

Shaq's presence in Kazaam didn't help it much.

Just that fact that Shaq mentions UFC and even suggests promoting one cant be all that bad for the sport....

gotta love Shaq. he's great for the sport by just going to the events. any mention of UFC he makes is good for business.

ttt for Shaqizzle

I thought Jacob meant "Shaq Daddy" AKA Norm from here.

Any mention of the UFC from Shaq has to be positive.

Will the UFC return to Miami? One statement -- Show Me The Money.

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"Dream on Shaq, like the UFC are gonna drop everything and hold a show there just because you ask them to."

No, it would be because he PAYS them to. Shaq is at every UFC he can attend and often shows up at smaller shows as well. He believes these are the world's best athletes and loves the sport. If he's sitting on a hundred million dollars, I wouldn't scoff at the idea of him doing something positive for the sport.

LOL @ anybody thinking a Shaq promotion wouldn't do well. The UFC doesn't really have the ability to say no to a Shaq. Where on earth could you get a more famous promoter?

Shaq is cool.

Gary Hughes, Team Shaq

as much as i cant stand him...shaq would be good for the sport.



$haq can be good for the $port

Shaq already promotes the UFC by his presence at the events. He is good for the sport and any involvement by him would be welcomed, IMO.

He is a guy with disposable income and a love for the sport. I hope he does a few shows and opens up the sport to a new audience.

Does he roll with anyone?


give shaq danas job


UFC likes shaq every time the camera is on shaq during the ufc broadcast, Shaq is in the house, o look at shaq daddy. etc

he meant Uncle Fuckin Cracker

i think if shaq promoted a ufc in miami, the thing would sell, why wouldnt it.