Shaq to "promote" UFC???

Last summer I was at Jamie Levine's house and we were all jet skiing together and Shaq was there (he lives a few houses down the road). He loves the sport and is pretty knowledgable about it! There have definitely been conversations with him about a fighting event in Miami and they are still going on. Who knows if it will really happen or not though...

Shaq would be a perfect spokesperson for the UFC IMHO...

Hell ya Shaq Daddy!!

if shaq put it on massive exposure and promotion is a given. no jumping through hoops to get it airtime.

you think if Shaq places a call to ESPN tells them he wants to come in and talk about his show, he'd get turned down? hell no. he could go on any damn show he wanted and take randy and tito with him and talk about the UFC for as long as he liked.

I hear Shaq trains BJJ with John Burke


I heard that Shaq wants to fight Kobe Bryant under MMA rules for bringing his name up to the Police.  Shaq by bitch slap!

Gary Hughes