Shaq's commercial hits Saturday

on Spike TV.

according to Dana White on today

a 30 second and a 15 second one commercial with Shaq talking about how much he loves UFC and the Ultimate Fighter show.

Dana says that other stars are onboard and want to do a similar commercial. He said it will be like the "I love the NBA" line of commercials, except it will be "I love the UFC". I've never seen those NBA commercials, but it sounds interesting.

I should've made the title "Shaq UFC commercial".

Its too bad they couldnt put the commericials on other stations.

That's awesome. I wonder if he did the commercial for free?

They can have people like George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Juliette Lewis, and the man himself MARIO VAN PEEBLES (!!) do ads, since they are all fans and have attended live shows :)

Always bet against Michael Clark Duncan.