Shaquem Griffin

Is a fucking stud. Dude has one hand. Benched 225 twenty times yesterday and ran a 4.38. Fastest for a LB since ‘03. 

The only reason it is the fastest since 03 is because no one was tracking it prior to 03. It is probably one of the fastest times ever for a LB. He's been on the news a lot here (Orlando) since he went to UCF. He didn't get recruited to major football programs and he was a huge part of them being the only undefeated d1 team in the nation last year. He was a last minute invite to the Sr Bowl and the NFL Combine and in both everyone can't stop talking about how hard he works and how great of a kid he is. I hope he gets a real shot. He will be a mid to late 3rd rounder I think and he will start off as a special teams guy and see how he does. 

225 20 times with ONE FUCKING HAND! Jesus that is amazing.

Dude will be a stud in the NFL as well. 

Its a great story. He will obviously fall a bit given his hand, but he will make a solid edge player for someone.

Would love for the Steelers to pick him up in the 3rd-4th round

What's the story with his hand? Birth defect or accident?