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Another Overdrive

Need another pedal up there in the top left.

Wanting to put a reverb up there but my amp already has reverb.

Maybe another delay.

A chorus or temolo pedal would make sense but I’ll be damned if I just can’t get myself to like the sound of them.

If you’re gonna be covering a broad range of popular styles in front of people, IMO the starter pack is:

  • tuner with a mute
  • sustainer/compressor
  • overdrive
  • distortion
  • delay
  • chorus
  • crybaby

…skipping anything your amp does well on its own.

Different story if you’re focused on one particular thing &/or originals.


OTOH, if it’s all “you” time still, fuck buying anything just to fill a hole. Constrain yourself as much as you can, so you’re spending as much time as possible learning who you are & how to play.

Oh boy.

I have two separate boards. One for drives, one for modulation/delays/reverbs.

I have a problem that I can’t really get rid of pedals. There’s always something I like even if I never use it much.

I’m currently trying to make a pedalboard that’s smaller for gigs, just something with basics in it.