SharePoint servers.....

Have an interview this week for a training position.

The main app that I would be training people on is MS SharePoint.

I've read alot of the documentation online but would like some real-life experience with it.

Anyone have or know of free SharePoint servers where I could set up a test environment to play around in?

Server 2003 R2 would be a good start

If you don't have time to setup your own server, MS has some videos online.

Agree that Sharepoint sucks, but Plone sucks too. Nothing on the market that is free that is really nice(at least not that I know of).

are you talking about sharepoint services or sharepoint portal?

basically they are the same but i think the portal can index and access from the outside.

30 grand for the outside license on the portal version.

sharepoint portal is expensive.

I'm trying to get everyone in our company to use sharepoint services.

it's been out since 2003 and still everybody thinks it's confusing.

but what it's supposed to do is collabrate groups together. so a manager in a department can start his own webpage and everyone is supposed to work off his site.

Well unfortunately my best bet for gainful employment will be training people on how to get AIDS by eating ass.

I'm not sure if it's MOSS 3.0 or SharePoint Server 2007, I'm looking into both right now. Sort of confusing on where MOSS ends and SS begins.

I do like the integrated blog and wiki in SS.

I'm thinking that the Forms server along with the work flow generator and some custom C# code could go a long ways in automating some business processes.