Sharing music files legal action?

I heard a decision was made to start charging individuals for the heinous illegal act of downloading music.

Is anyone following the developments on how the Canadian Recording Industry will find, target and charge those that download and share music files?

Just curious and I'm sure others are as well.

There is a case before the courts that would force ISP's to charge us extra per month to 'pay' for the illegal activity, same way they added a tarif to the black media sales (cd-r).

Personally if they do this, it will just give people the green light to download away to their hearts content since we would already be 'paying' for it...

On one of the muchmoremusic shows they scroll bits of music news across the bottom of the screen.

one said that the Canadian Recording Industry will start charging individuals that commit the illegal act of sharing music files over the Internet.

I heard about making the ISP's pay more and I thought that would be it but it looks like they're going to do the same thing as the American recording Industry. Can anyone confirm this?

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