Shark Fight Results in Texas?

Does anyone have the results of the Shark Fights in Amarillo Texas? I have a fighter, Ryan Beauregard, on the card.


Santino DeFranco



trying to find out for you. any idea who his opponent was? i know shannon ritch won real fast and hightower lost a decision to eric davilla. i was told it was a bad decision. all i got so far

The DaVila/Hightower fight went pretty much like the cards said.  Hightower would wind up on top whenever it went to the ground but didn't do a whole lot of damage and DaVila would stay active. 

I think it came down to the fact that when Hightower connected, DaVila was able to shake it off for the most part.  He ain't called "Big Head" for nothin'.  DaVila almost got a knockdown in the first round I believe and rocked Hightower two seperate times in the third.  I had it it DaVila/Hightower/DaVila on my card.
In other news, there is no bigger or more useless piece of shit on this planet than your average MMA fan.  During a very nice video tribute to Evan Tanner (complete with UG Bob Ross and Brawny Towel Guy romoshops) a fucking fight broke out over by the giant inflatable Dodge Ram logo.  And another later on that Steve Nelson had to address.  And I can't remember which guy it was, he won, but the fighter with biting the Chuck Liddell hairstyle and refusing to wear a shirt the entire rest of the night while hanging all over ring girls had to be escorted backstage by the cops after deciding one of the fans by the walkway was in need of some macho posturing.  Way to go dipshit!
The fights were meh, I'll only remember the fact that if they had locked the doors, trapping everyone inside and set the building on fire then Amarillo would be a much better place to live. 

trust me im glad. i was hoping davilla woulda smashed him.

IMO Richie lost the last 30 seconds of the fight and lost a hometown dec. He took the fight at 185 not 170 on 2.5 weeks notice, just to take part of the "Evan Tanner tribute" It was a war, Davila has a granite head, Richie hand broke on it at the begining of the 2nd. Fight of the Night and will be shown on Inside MMA on HDnet.

Doesn't sound like their internet PPV did very well when results are this hard to come by. lol


Santino your guy was fantastic!!! Great KID!

ttt~ details?

Corey - Great White def. Hammerhead 3R Split Decision


Way to go Doug!!!

Arm Bar in the 1st