Shark Tank Gym

Can anybody tell me about this place? Does this gym still exist? If so, is it an MMA gym or kickboxing? I believe I saw Chris Allessio fighting out of there in the Rites of Passage dvd, but that was several years ago. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure its an mma gym

Its still open in La Mirada.


Actually that was John Alessio you saw in ROP.

I believe Shark Tank is still there and is ran by Jay Martinez now who was one of Eddie Millis's students.

I'm not sure how much Millis has to do with it anymore.

Not sure if they ever had any "big name" fighters there other than Alessio

thanks for the info. My fault about the mistake on the name, Alessio's come a LONG way since that fight with Egan. For some reason I thought this gym was out in the 909 area.

Gym is in the 909. Rancho Cucamonga. Place is called Champions. My understanding is that it is more K-1 style there than MMA unlike before. Mighty Mo from K-1 reps them.

The gym in La Mirada is a MMA school,United Mixed Martial Arts has something for everyone: Tae Kwon Do classes, NHB, Kickboxing, No Gi Ju-Jitsu, Cardio Kick, Yoga, Pilates, personal trainers, a weight room, cardio machines, and sports gear available. Classes are available six days a week for men, women, seniors, and children, from beginners to advanced. Jay Martinez teaches MMA, and Val Leedy teaches kickboxing.The guys that train there are all cool as hell too, no egos. If you are ever in La Mirada you should stop in.


Another fighter from Shark Tank named Tony Paterra fought in UFC 20. Unfortunately it was against Wanderlei Silva and he took a vicious knee to the head.

Tony is still involved with the sport. Won his last fight in KOTC not that long ago actually. His son fought on the same card.