Shatner made it back alive

For years and years I’ve heard astronauts need to be super trained physically, in top shape to endure the rigors of blast off and coming back. Yet he could do it at 90?


They talked about it on whatever the documentary was that covered the SpaceX civilian flight… they did that before because they had no idea about anything… so in absence of info on how physical fit someone had to be they decided they needed to be in peak physical conditioning… but now they are learning more and more and you can even see the mentality has changed with NASA too, they have sent a few out of shape fatass 50 year olds into space in last couple decades.

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Not a nasa scientist but shatner was 60 miles
In the air. Typically low earth orbit is 1200 miles.


Google says ISS is at 220 miles but yeah still.

Me last week…

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I am always shocked by how old shatner is. He does not look 90. He starting to finally look old though. In his 70s and 80s it was amazing how good he looked for the age.

Because he’s Capt. fucking Kirk, that’s why.

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But is he the first Canadian Jewish TV actor who was the main character in a sci-fi series?


Fuckin love that dude

Yep. None of these people are going to “space”.

I think the idea is just go high enough to experience 0 G or close to it.

The spaceships will trickle down.
Can’t wait to get my used spaceship.


And aliens have a new genome to add to their dna… The Shat !!!

Beautiful statement from Shatner. Shame it got awkward with the champagne and other bs.


This is how I know you have ZERO understanding of economics

How many jobs did building that spaceship make?

All the engineers / fabricators, physicists etc etc etc. How many businesses were helped and employees benefited

Add to that the secondary and third levels of economic benefit

Local grocery stores where the rockets were made etc

Then add in the taxes for all these high paying jobs

Kinda like the money did flow right?


And how much less money did they spend doing what they did… than NASA would have lol… that’s the most important part…

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A Low Earth Orbit is an orbit around earth with an altitude above Earth’s surface between 250 kilometers and 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) and an orbital period between about 84 and 127 minutes . Any objects below about 160 kilometers (or 99 miles) will experience very rapid altitude loss and orbital decay.Jun. 15, 2021

Didn’t know the ISS was only 220 miles up