Shawn Michaels shoot interview 2000 pre religion

This is post first retirement and before he came back. Still in asshole mode so it seems more real. He has great insight to the business.

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This was when he was still pretending he wasn't in on the screwjob, but when he talks about the other stuff it's good. 

I remember seeing this years ago. It was pretty good. You could tell his love for the business and he had great insight into how the business would change going forward.


for later

You can almost see him trying to piece together answers from his foggy drug fueled memory 

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JohnnyAppleseed4Life -

I can’t believe I just watched a 2 hour Shawn Michaels interview.

Also I gotta disagree with OP about him being an asshole, I thought he came off very well here.

I dont think he was an asshole in the interview either. The statement I made I meant in reference to the fact it was from the asshole phase of his life. My bad. Sorry.

Since it was from that phase of his life I felt it meant the interview would be more "raw" and unfiltered in comparison to later in his life where he is anbit embarassed or tries to not be as direct about stuff cause hes grown up.

It's really an all time great shoot interview. The Road Warriors one is good too from around this time.

The old RF shoot interviews are great, the New Jack ones are hilarious, alot of the old ECW ones were good