Shawn Ryan Podcast Thread

His podcast is right up there with JRE for me.


This episode with a journalist who uncovered a pedo ring and has information on Epstein island

Fuck, I’m listening now, he’s saying Epstein had girls as young as 12 and the media bs’ed about a lot of the details

He said some of the pedos that went to Epstein island liked to beat them up. He wouldn’t name who it is though.


Great podcast , but…,

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Quickly became my favorite podcast. Really cool guests and Shawn seems like a legit dude, I always enjoy the episodes


I was turned onto it a few months ago by a guy that I was talking to on a layover

I really enjoy how raw it is, the problem that I have is that the subject material is always so heavy

I can’t listen to a lot of them without needing a break


Good point.

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I love his podcast. One of my favorite podcasts

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Does it fuck your head up?

It does mine

Especially when the people that you know are legit mother fuckers come on… and then tell you how intentionally ficjed up things are


The hacker one got to me for sure.



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May 8, Ep. 56. Ryan Montgomery


The one that got me was DJ Shipley Jr.

Kyle Morgan was another one.

Born again hard dudes that wake up and piss more bad ass mother fuckerness than I’ll ever have having trouble with things seemed to give me the feelings of making me feel like a bitch while at the same time making me not so alone.

Also the psychedelic episode. His episode about becoming a Christian didn’t bug me so much, since that’s so personal anyway

You’re right. The stuff is always just so intense and heavy. There’s been a few times that I had to listen to something lighter for a little while.


Posted some Vids from his podcast before. It’s probably my favorite podcast on the internet and show in general. It’s way better than the JRE and better out together.

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Has anyone listened to the John Lovell ones? I like that guy


I am very much getting CT, Alex Jones vibes from this guy. I feel like hes the kind of guy to say hes seen the documents but never produce them. Like Jones, this guy might be right 20% of the time. I love Alex, but I know theres a lot of BS there. This guy reminds me of him. Say what you mean, provide evidence. Just because you took trips places doesn’t mean you have real evidence. Im like 30 minutes in and my BS meter is going off like crazy.


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What are your red flags?

Listening to the Epstine episode now

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Are you talking about the journalist being interviewed Nick Bryant or Shawn?

My take was he is socially awkward and not comfortable being interviewed. Maybe he was afraid of getting sued by the guy he said likes to beat girls.

At some points in the interview he names names.

He reminded me of Tom Oneill who opened up my mind to MK Ultra, by being a real journalist with integrity. Someone to dig and do what it takes to go down the rabbit holes and uncover the crazy shit we all know is happening but our own government wont go after and covers up.

He also said Attorney General Barr’s father might have been the one to put Epstein in power, not the Israelis.

Either way, not sure what documents you want exactly. Because a lot of the info he has is from interviewing people involved. Shit like that, pedo rings covered up by the government, are not going to be documented. Just as JFK’s assassination is not going to likely have smoking gun documents produced at any point. Even Snowden didnt find any JFK docs because likely there are none. they wouldnt document killing the president. Just like they wouldnt document letting off pedo rings.