"..there will be no after party for him"

Truer words have never been spoken.

This fight will end violently in the first couple of minutes .....

I`ll give this pervert guy 1 minute to get a punch in on Sherk before he gets taken down and pounded on. Good to see the muscle shark swimmin around the Pacific.

dudley & clubfighter yeah sean's glove going be bloody after
he start crying and wiping his face like a crybaby after
someone took his lunch money! and yup kaleo is my friend.
it's going to be an upset for sean like bj vs hughes. don't
under estimate the hawaii boys!

you must have been the little kid in school that looked up to kaleo since you used to suck his pipe after school so the other kids wouldnt kick you ass and take your money.

I train kaleo what you talking about! CLUBFIGHTER what
kind name that? more like you been fighting in gay bars!
besides you been on the UG two months shut up damn

yeah so what only two months. Sorry I been away training in thailand name describes me I am a club fighter... If you make the arraingements,I'll be in hawaii for the ROTR.. I'll meet you anywhere, anytime pineapple.... Make a bet your boy will lose brutally, I know sherk personnaly..

I'll be there to watch kaleo fight this weekend..1Gumby tell kaleo I said good luck.. I lost his 2 way number..

clubfighter so what you trained in thailand and know sean. if
you cant handle shut up getting all mad for nothing! call me
pineapple o.k. then redneck!

DABOSS wasss up! I'll tell kaleo.


Why don't you show some respect.

"..yeah sean's glove going be bloody after he start
crying and wiping his face like a crybaby after
someone took his lunch money!"

Making statements like that are B.S. You get a top 5
fighter to come to your shitty-ass promotion and you
make statements like that??? Until your boy beats
anyone listed in the top 2000, shut your mouth.

I hope Sean takes your boy down and breaks his arm

Will that hurt his post-fight career at white castle?
Probably not.

Grown up and get some class, punk.


clubfighter can i give you advise if gumby is who i think he is thats one family in Hawaii you don't want to miss with I'm pretty sure all the boys were gloden glove champions '

I hope you can handle fighting Big Samoans!!!!


Make Peace not War

Hey Gumby ,, where you at ??? Were u in the ring trying to sucker punch Sean ??? Even getting jumped wont make Sean cry ......


oh my god HAMMA, i bet according to you every sole in Hawaii is not to be fucked with.

TTT for Sean kicking ass. Bullshit for the fans and the riot... fucking tards


jimmythegreek I'm right here! that was kaleo's dad tell them
that no tell me! kaleo stood in front of sean to block the riot
and the semi pro football team protecting sean he was in no
danger I was there. yeah I admit things got out of control but
he was not in danger. besides I ain't no sucker puncher if you
don't know me shut up before you start mouthing off!

jaydub(show your face gumby fu@k hoodlums punkasses.)
show my face for what? more like you the punk! I have no
control over the people. my hats off to sean for the win.

howzit sexz! falaniko and couple guys from G unlimited they
came out for the show.

How come I never heard about this show? I would've came out too!

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