Shawn Tompkins is....

....a great coach. Shawn just wrapped up a morning of training with my guys and some guests from Bill Scott's BJJ and Kurt Pellegrino's MMA.

Thanks Shawn for the work. All the Guys at Real Mixed Martial Arts appreciate the training and sound advice.

If you have a chance to train with him - take advantage of it! Shawn is real laid back and knows MMA in a way that guys starting out up to elite level can understand.

Good luck to Greg Soto and Mark Berrocal in their bouts coming up!I hope training helped.

Thanks also to Mike Straka for interviewing Shawn yesterday and coming out today for training. Good to see journalists that walk the walk too. Check him out at

Brian Wright
Real Mixed Martial Arts
Ocean Twp NJ

Clips of training and some of Shawn's principles will be posted shortly at

 ttt, Soto is fighting  Ray Steinbeiss next weekend.


What did I win?

 ...married to Sam Stout's sister...I win too.

ttt Soto vs Steinbeiss